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Inky Love

What is your first thought when you see someone sporting a tattoo? There are myriad reactions to it depending on what age, sphere or mentality you belong to. The young may be inspired, awestruck and curious. Even look on with a desire to have one but knowing all too well the parental fury it would bring on.
Did you know that tattoos have been around for decades since medieval ages? Then it might have been an identification mark or sported by sailors as a source of tracking information. Our history identifies tattoos as one of the sources of history derived next to stone tablets, carvings and sculptures.
The evolution of tattoos and their euphoric rise has been phenomenal. Today tattoos can be inked purely for pleasure without any particular meaning. Some tattoos are considered to be symbolic and make a statement for the one sporting it. Others like to ink pictures of whatever it is that moves them.

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