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  Career Opportunities in Beauty Industry   There are a countless number of people across all ages & genders that are enthusiastically opting for services and assistance in their grooming, skin/hair care, makeup, and SO many, that is over a million employees working part-time/ fulltime careers in it worldwide, then where do you as an aspirant see yourself finding your gateway into this giant of an industry? You have happened to come across the right piece of information today! We spent a good few minutes discussing the scale of the Beauty industry previously in our blog, and now it is time that we let you know about the grand opportunities that we at LTA are offering to our students! First & foremost, it is super tough to condense every single opening that there is under one roof that could prove to be a complete guide, as once again there’s way too many fields & sub-fields that are an entire powerhouse on their own to be talked about in a few words. So let us go through so

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