Tuesday, 28 April 2020

Hot summer Cool Skin !

The mercury is rising and while we are safe at home. How are we taking this lockdown ?
Shouldn't we make the most of this me time. 

Ladies, here’s How to maintain a cool skin this summer 
What are the issues your skin faces during summer?
1.Skin tan
2.Oily and sticky skin 
3. Acne or pimple breakout 

Common household ingredients that will help us get our skin glow. 
Skincare Regime is broken into 3 parts : 
1 . Daily Skin Care 
2. Weekly Skin Care
3. Monthly Skin Care 

Daily Skin Care : 
CLEANSING - Normally you could use a face wash either gel based for oily skin and cream based for dry and mature skin. Since its difficult to get a face wash during lockdown so why not use your kitchen ingredients.  Yoghurt or Curd which is easily available is a fantastic cleanser. Why Curd? Because it has lactic acid which helps in skin brightening and hydrating . It's good for all types of skin. Rub the fresh curd onto your face and massage lightly till the white color changes .You can repeat this cleanser as the day ends too to keep your skin freshly clean.Use warm water to wash off .

TONING - Rosewater is easily available . Cucumber , Bottlegourd or Doodhi . Grate and use the juice as excellent toner.  

MOISTURISING - Moisturising will make your skin soft and keep it supple .  A great homemade moisturiser is Aloe vera gel plus rose water for oily skin. For dry skin add Virgin coconut oil . 

SUNSCREEN - Sunscreen forms a transparent protective layer on your skin . It has to be applied 20 minutes before you go outdoors. Indian skin requires a sunscreen of SPF25 to SPF 30. Keep reapplying. Not to be confused with Sunblock which consists of SPF 50 to 70 and forms a whitish creamy layer on your skin . Typically a sun block is used for long outdoor hours. 

Weekly Skincare
Your skin needs to be rid of dead cells that makes it look dull and tanned. A weekly scrub, ending with a relaxing Face Pack is all you need.

Here is A DIY Homemade Scrub for a Fab skin :
Ingredients :  Coconut(Dry, Wet or Powdered ) , rice flour, turmeric ,curd(oily skin) or milk(dry). Mix all the ingredients and apply in gentle circular motions and see the improvement in your skin.
Face pack - Top it off with a Mashed Banana / Mango face pack .

Monthly Care :
Once in a month it is advisable to go  for Professional Skin Care. Go to a place which has trained professionals and maintains quality hygiene standards.

Skincare also includes Body Care : 
Daily care - Loofah your body in upward circular motion.It rejuvenates skin and improves blood circulation . Post shower use a body moisturiser . Rosewater with Virgin coconut oil is an excellent moisturiser. 
Pamper your body with a homemade body scrub - Coffee with Coconut oil / Extra Virgin olive oil 

Being healthy from inside makes you Glow on the Outside!  
Must Do’s :
8 hrs sleep has you looking fresh .
Always have a light dinner to avoid feeling bloated .
Eat healthy -  Make Salads and Fruits your friends. 

6 Smart Skin Hacks that You Must Try:  
  • For Glowing skin or Minimising Pores - Carefully steam your face for 3-4 min then spray Rose water 
  • Dark circles-  Apply a paste of Potato juice + Rice flour and moisturise once you wash off your face.
  • For Soft Lips   -  Put 2- 3 drops of coconut oil  on navel at night 
  • Baby oil or Yogurt is an excellent lipstick remover . Moisturise your lips with petroleum jelly or coconut oil after removing the lipstick.
  • Acne Remover - Lemon juice + Rose water fights acne 
  • Stinky Underarms - Apply Baking soda to get rid of underarm odour.  
  • For Acidity - Mix Sabja seeds or basil seeds  in water and drink

Look Good , Feel Good while Staying Safe at Home.

Also do check out our founder, and Beauty Skin expert Ms. Vaishali K Shah sharing this tips in one our live session 

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Tuesday, 31 December 2019

Annual Cultural Day -Aakarshan 2019 -Carnival Show by LTA Students

Friday, 1 November 2019

Knowledge brings respect – Knowledge has Power -May you be blessed with this Wealth of Knowledge this Saraswati Puja-Wishes from LTA School of Beauty

Knowledge brings respect – Knowledge has Power -May you be blessed with this wealth of Knowledge this Saraswati Puja-Wishes from LTA School of Beauty

As Indians, we are devoted believers in all things religious. Now that February is here, students all around the country are preparing themselves to write one of the most important exams of the year. The Final Exam fever is across the country through this time & pupils seek the blessings of Goddess Saraswati because she signifies knowledge, wisdom and learning. It is believed that the Goddess enlightens ignorant minds reforming them into intellectual and interesting beings.
This will be the phase where many students will move from academics to choosing career after their 12th Grades. We wish them Good Luck as they pass through the most crucial period of their life, but they should also know that high test scores don't necessarily guarantee them a successful career.
This Millennial Generation has so many interesting career options where they can follow their passion as career be it photography, music, dance, landscaping or BEAUTY as full-time career. We all know that knowledge is power today and more knowledge means more power.
So, how should you proceed?
Beauty Career Learning @LTA is combined in 7 different skills in Therapies, Makeup Artistry, Hair Designing, Nail Artistry with scientific knowledge & recognized certification which results in guaranteed Success.
LTA School of Beauty brings you all that and much much more. Having internationally certified qualifications like CIDESCO (Switzerland), CIBTAC (UK) and VTCT (UK), we promise all our students 100% placement!
So when you enter your examination hall give your best attempt in the most relaxed manner as numbers is just on paper, the real world with beautiful opportunities is waiting for you outside. BEST WISHES FROM TEAM LTA & see you after your exams for FREE CAREER ORIENTATION SESSIONS at all our 10 branches.
LTA school of beauty is India’s largest international beauty Academy having branches across India in Mumbai, Pune, Ahmedabad, Nashik, New Delhi. We train students for World Skills Competitions & our students have been representing the Country & getting Medallion for the Country in these Skill Competitions.
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Sunday, 4 August 2019

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Saturday, 3 August 2019

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Wednesday, 31 July 2019

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