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Tips to Make It Big in the Beauty Industry   1. Passion for Visual Creativity  2. Knowledge  3. Skills  4. Certification  5. Presentation  6. Communication Skills    1.Passion for Visual Creativity – Ever Closed Your eyes to wonder about a rainbow? Think of it this way - A painter or a sculptor draws inspiration from the beauty around them. An artist’s soul feeds on its surrounding and what it represents. So should a beauty artist who has a flair for visually creating something beautiful and eye catching. An eye for detail and finesse.    2. Knowledge – Knowledge is Power. In all walks of life as is evident, a knowledgeable expert’s opinion and practice carries weightage. Rightly so when it is applied in the beauty industry. There is no limit to how much knowledge and expertise you can gain in this field. It is the only industry which is encourages you to apply your knowledge practically to create something fascinating. The beauty industry is a highly evolving field which requires on

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