Thursday, 17 December 2015


For one last time in this year, beauty professionals in Pune would witness international quality education seminar by LTA.
On this day 17th December 2015 LTA'S expert educators would demonstrate to over 100 professionals most scientific  approach to beauty treatments.
Power of Mesotherapy would be the focus for the first part of seminar while second segment would see dramatic effect  makeup could have on one's appearance and how significant is the knowledge of effect of lights,  skin quality, weather and occasion while designing a makeup.
Knowledge of colour theory, face shapes and knowhow to create an illusion of altercation  to bring out the most aesthetic looks would be the focus of LTA'S Makeup Expert.

Punekars look forward to this high impact seminar with baited breath.

LTA is India's leading CIDESCO school specializing in international quality beauty education and largely considered to be an expert in its field..

LTA has been awarded INDIA'S best vocational school and the most preferred international beauty school for 3 times in a row for details visit