Monday, 20 April 2015

Beauty Industry's Golden Coach !!

#BEAUTY industry's golden coach  Ms.Vaishali k Shah stepped into her beauty school LTA on Monday 20th April 2015 for the first time after ensuring our Indian contestant won Gold in world Skills Oceania competition.
She was greeted by her fast growing fans club in most befitting manner bestowed upon winner .

On this occasion she said -

'This is just the beginning !!"

Golden Day for Beauty Skills - Golden Coach Ms. Vaishali with Gold Medalist Ms Neha Chande


This is history in making.... on 13th April 2015 when our Indian contestant in beauty skills Ms. Neha Chande along with her mentor and skill expert Ms. Vaishali K shah landed in New Zealand for competing in WORLDSKILLS OCEANIA COMPETITION, their hearts were filled with hope and expectation however they were mindful of the fact that INDIA has never won in any beauty skill event in the past and worse have ended up either being last or second last .
This time around armed with previous experience and having trained harder and smarter they were hopeful and cautiously optimistic. Other countries who were competing against India were Canada and Australia both countries have seen podium finish in the past.
Contestant Neha submitted herself completely to her mentor Ms. Vaishali and followed her advice on how to go about executing plans worked out on daily basis considering our strength and given challenges. Skills tested were
- Facial treatments
- Body therapy
- SPA therapy
- Make up
- Nail art
- SPA Pedicure and Manicure. 
4 days of intense competition saw Indian contestant fight like there in no tomorrow and to every body's  surprise and beyond expectation India finished on top with a GOLD MEDAL for the FIRST TIME EVER.
Truly history in making. With congratulations pouring in from all corners it is truly a proud  moment for all those who have trusted Vaishali (namely NSDC National Skills Development Corporation and Beauty & Wellness Sector Skill Council) to be an expert to guide India's national candidate for this event. Their faith and belief stands vindicated.
Entire beauty Industry salutes this champion team of skill expert and contestant.
This day 17th April 2015 would forever be marked as golden day for Indian beauty skills.
For Vaishali and Neha it is moment of triumph over several challenges both at their personal and professional front and immense sacrifices made to bring glory to our country.
This is what was needed to boost their confidence for WORLD SKILLS COMPETITION, SAO PAULO - BRAZIL to happen in August 2015.
Your best wishes and prayers would be required and the podium would be ours..    

Friday, 17 April 2015

GOLD MEDAL for India in Beauty Skills

Ms. Neha Chande Gold medalist at Oceania Competition, NEW ZEALAND in Beauty Skills
Ms. Vaishali Shah technical expert for India thrilled with her contingent's performance..
Ms. Frnd Nehaa is an LTA GRADUATE working for Enrich Salon..

This is how the country was praying today morning -
Competition has ended at New ZEALAND. Scores are being compiled. We have reasons to believe we have done well . In few hours from now, the verdict would be out on where India stands in its fight with developed nations.
Would our Neha be Saina Nehawal and Sania Mirza of the beauty skill world ...
We hope and pray so.
Friends let us all for the next 3 hours pray so hard that heavens will have no choice but to heed to our prayers.....
We all believe India deserve to be right up there on the podium ... Anxious  moments...
Good luck

AND THIS IS WHAT WE ACHIEVED - WHAT more we could have asked for...
GOLD MEDAL in OUR own Beauty Skills..
Right Guidance
Right Qualification
Right Attitude
Passion and determination is all required to be a WINNER..
Ms. Vaishali K Shah- Technical Expert for World Skills Competition 2013, 2015 piped this performer to WINNER..Under her guidance and direction Ms. Neha Chande was able to do proud to our industry and country..