Sunday, 5 July 2020

Must-Know Monsoon Makeup Tips

At last the rains are here. Looking out from our windows everything looks fresh and beautiful like it's been washed and polished on. We see different shades of green flourishing among the trees and the sky brings out its own palette of colors to mesmerize us.

What about you? Are you looking your best yet? While it has been a different kind of Stay-at -Home Monsoon this year, it doesn't hurt to be prepared to glam up whenever it is time to step out. Now, the rains are not exactly a makeup lover’s friend so here are some: -

Monsoon Makeup Tips to get You Going

O My Moisturiser! - A Water Based Moisturizer is best to get started on to keep your skin soft and hydrated.

It's Prime time! - Applying a Primer is ideal to make your makeup last longer. It will also give your face a smooth base and protection.

Powder Puff Girls! - Put aside your creams for now and go for a liquid water-based foundation or compact powder to be smudge free in the rains. In the event that you get drenched, you can do a touch up in a jiffy.

Matte Me Now! - Matte Lips in soft colors like pink (Yes! Even on Indian skin and the right shade) or nudes are all the rage this season and just perfect for monsoon.

Eye Spy! To keep your peeps dazzling, go for waterproof kajal and keep the mascara optional. Gel liners are long lasting and light to use. Applying an Eye brow pencil would be a tough call so choose wisely.

Less is More! - Keep your look minimal. Go for shades of foundation and lipsticks that are close to your natural skin tone. Experiment (Can be Fun!) to know what works best for your skin.

IMPORTANT! Do NOT forget to:

· Remove your makeup with a cotton ball and a makeup remover. You can use home-based ingredients if you do not have micellar water or a makeup remover. Applying Curd or coconut oil is a good and natural makeup remover.

· Always sterilise your makeup brushes and sponges especially in monsoon as the humidity can spoil them and cause skin rashes.

Hope this helps you into stepping out in the rains whenever that may be, with confidence and slaying your monsoon look.

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Saturday, 20 June 2020

My Daddy Strongest!

Ever wondered why all daughters are called “Daddy’s Lil Girl”? Father’s have a special bond with their daughters. Fathers are more excited to raise a girl child which means struggling to tie their ponytails or teaching them to cycle. For the daughters too no man can measure up to the one most influencing man in their life since childhood. Their hero, friend and guide. The Father – Daughter bond is a universal feeling. What strengthens their bond is the transparency and mutual trust they have. An inner circle which neither moms or sons can penetrate. Being a daughter’s confidante also means you are the first person who will know about all her important life decisions.

Fathers are the voice of reason and wisdom for us. While our Mothers hold the forte over the Emotional quotient in our relationship. Sometimes fathers may not be expressive and usually operate in stealth mode while allowing the mother to take the front seat. They take the mantle of the breadwinner as they have been conditioned to since medieval times.

Be it Career, Marriage or Parenting. A healthy relationship with your father will play an important role in the child’s overall development. Children with happy and supportive parents flourished academically as well as personally. Fathers play a very important role in shaping the child’s life.

At LTA we have seen right from the sacrifice of father’s to the support of the father to build their child’s career and care for their future. we have also seen how much a daughter love their father and put and efforts to prove and win their father’s dreams. Truly salute to those brave heated students of LTA School of beauty and their Hero like father’s to raising a child with dream in their eye.

Personalities like Wrestler Geeta and Babita Phogat, Tennis World Champion Steffi Graf, Actress Deepika Padukone, Ex-Prime Minister Indira Gandhi , Women’s Rights Crusader Malala Yousaf had strong pillars of support in their Father. All these great personalities had their father who stood encouraged and nurtured their daughters to follow their dreams and ambitions.
So, hug your father today, tell him how much you love him for his support and unwavering love for you or remember him in your prayers with all the warmth and love that he showered on you.

On this Father’s Day, we have a scholarship program for children who are inspired  to fulfill their parent’s dream to pursue a career in beauty.

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The Goodness of Yoga
Yoga is synonymous with India around the world. It’s benefits have been acknowledged and experienced across the globe.  Yoga: an ideology of physicalmental, and spiritual practices started ancient India. Originated from the pre-Vedic Indian rituals. Yoga is derived from the Sanskrit root yuj "to attach, join, harness, yoke”. Hence the word Yoga means Union.
Yoga addresses the Mind, Body and Soul. Here are different types of Yogas. Raja yoga and Hatha Yoga stress on physical fitness of the body. The Gyan yoga delves into the power of knowledge while the Karma yoga is a way of life that teaches you to be selfless and do good deeds to nurture your soul. Bhakti yoga as the name suggests means being one with God and uniting with the divine. Then there is Swar yoga which is about the science of breathing and lastly Kriya yoga which is a form of meditation technique that improves your spirituality and refreshes the mind.
Yogasana as it is called helps in increased flexibility, improves respiration and vitality. It aids in weight reduction and in regulating cardio and circulatory health. So many reasons to adopt this healthy and pure way of life. The West can’t get enough of the discipline that is Yoga. Even the celebrities swear by its positive impact on their mind and body. It is time we start inculcating Yoga in our daily routine to experience positivity in our selves. Can we start small? How about Face yoga?
Face Yoga is a collection of facial exercises that enhances your face the same way as Yoga does to your mind and body . It helps in making you look younger and tones your face muscles .
On this International Yoga day 2020 we suggest you some Amazing Facial Yoga Poses to get you started :
image used is for ref only
Also here are some of the Yoga Channels on YouTube and Instagram you may want to checkout and follow:

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Tuesday, 16 June 2020

                                                That Black and White Look!
Most of us have spent the stay-at-home time doing a variety of things that we had never got the time to do before. Movie buffs got the chance to catch up on great Bollywood classics. The one thing that true fans, especially women follow is the leading lady’s outfit, accessories and her whole look elevated by flawless makeup. It is the stuff trends are made of. Wouldn’t you agree that the classical beauties of that era were a visual treat to watch. The fashion and styling was so vintage. The Black and White Era is one that is associated with Class and Elegance. Not convinced? Look around you and you will realise it has never gone out of style. Retro is very much trending and here to stay and the retro look, even more so.   
 Ever Imagined how you would look if you were Mughal e Azam’s Madhubala or Nargis from the movie Awara. You can do better than imagine and recreate the black and white look. You may get your dadi or moms saree or sharara to dress up but how will you get the mysterious aura and look of elegance?
This is where black and white makeup comes in.
 Here’s How to Slay the Black &White Look 
  • Lay the Foundation - 
  • Apply a long-lasting matte foundation, one without Sunscreen as the Spf will give your skin a shiny and unnatural effect. Choose a foundation shade lighter than your skin to achieve contrast between your skin and your features. The foundation should be applied evenly on the face and neck. Blend nicely to avoid a patchy look.
  • Eyes that Speak - 
  • Stick to softer and neutral shades as bold shades will not pop out in the B&W photo. Unless you are going for the Smokey eyes look. Keep it simple with light colours in matte. Apply a dark eyeshadow in the crease for depth. To add a dramatic effect put false eyelashes. Put a coat of Mascara to add volume and length. Fill your eyebrow with  to give it an even and bold shape.
  • Contour & Conquer - 
  • Contour to get a sculpted and defined appearance. As the colours won’t show up, you can use deep contour shades to get the desired intensity. Use a dark colour on the temple and under the cheekbone and then highlight the cheekbones.
  • Lock Your Lips - 
  • Now is when you ditch the neutral and go for the bold. Line your lips with a liner and fill in with similarly coloured matte lipstick. Go for bold and dark shades to make your lips appear fuller and striking.
 Must Know B&W Makeup Hacks: 
  1. Matte is your go- to- makeup for B&W or Vintage look
  2. Do the makeup on one side of your face and click to check 
  3. Having the correct Light and shadow will make for a stunning photo. Side lighting adds drama to the B&W look.

Go ahead and Experiment with the Black & White Makeup Look. Recreate the old and make new memories. Post your pics on your social media handle and tag ltaschoolofbeauty so we can post them on our handles. 

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Thursday, 11 June 2020

Is My Beauty Parlour Ready Post Lockdown?
Hygiene is the buzzword all over the world today.There is a general awareness about how we should
follow hygiene to keep ourselves and our surroundings clean. Never has it been more relevant and crucial than now. However, life must still go on. Post lockdown let us prepare to get our life back together and keep going on. Staying strong , healthy and immune plays a major part here. Even more vital is the need for hygiene and being infection free.
Self care is important for our physical well being as well as mental health and  personal grooming is
part of that. A lot of us are waiting for the salons to open up.
The lockdown has us feeling dull and all of us need some special pampering to perk us up and looking
fresh . However the fear of infection and doubts about the salon hygiene may deter us .
How can Salon Service Providers follow hygiene and be infection free at Salons ?
The answer is Infection Control : What is Infection?
'Infection is the invasion of an organism's body tissues by disease-causing agents'  as defined by
wikipedia . It may spread from person to person.
What are the types of Infection : 
Bacterial infection - Attacks open skin wounds mostly. 
Viral infection - Includes cold, cough and fever
Fungi infection - Grows on stale and dormant things. For eg. Stagnant water, moist or warm places and surfaces
When you have a cold you simply wash your hands clean and service your client or if your client has
a cold and cough and is sneezing, they may just cover their mouth and keep their hands clean.
But chances are you could still get infection and catch cold. Hence Infection control is a Must for Salons. How? 
Infection Control Procedures :
Cleaning removes dirt,debris and potential pathogens. It is not a 100% removal but the most vital step
in infection control. Cleaning of tools and equipment is basic but critical.  For eg. manicure,
pedicure toolkits and combs etc.
Cleaning can be done by:
  • Washing with soap and water.
  • With Cleaning solvent that cleans surfaces. Available in stores.
  • Sanitizers:
a) Are handy when there is no soap and water or when travelling.
b) Reduce pathogens on non-porous surfaces. A pathogen is a tiny living organism,
such as a bacterium or virus, that makes people sick 
c) Helps Kill germs
  • Antiseptics - Are applied to skin to reduce pathogens and to treat open wounds
2.Disinfection : Kills most of the bacteria, viruses and fungi. There are a lot of disinfectants in the market.
So, how do we choose?
*Fungicides - Destroy fungi. It is used both in agriculture and to fight fungal infections in animals.
*Virucidals - A physical or chemical agent that inactivates or destroys viruses.
*Pseudomonacidal - Kills pseudomonas (bacteria) found widely in the environment,
such as in soil, water, and plants.
 Must Know Tips for keeping Salon infection free! 
Tools used in salons have to be disinfected by using appropriate disinfectants.
*Disinfectant Sprays - For hard to reach heighted places.
Spray such tricky corners with disinfecting spray.
*Antibacterial Disinfectant tablets - Easy to use. Forms antibacterial disinfectant
solution for soaking tools when dissolved in water
*Disinfecting Wipes - Can be used to wipe door handles, counters and surfaces.  Eg.   Domex 
*Disinfecting Soaking solutions - Used for cleaning equipment like combs, brushes,  spatulas etc.
3.Sterilisation - Kills germs, fungi and bacteria 100% along with their eggs.
This is extremely important and applicable to all areas.
It is important for every salon to sterilize its surfaces ,equipment , tools and furniture .
For eg. while tattooing or derma rolling treatment sterilised needles are must.
Salon Sterilisation is as essential as the way hospital sterilisation is -  a mandate and intense process.
Salon Must Have Safety Essentials :
● For the beautician - Disposable gloves, mask, face shield, daily disposable apron ,
a clean uniform everyday ,change of mask after coming inside the salon.
● For the customer - disposable shoe cover ,gloves ,cape , mask , sanitizer and a
disposable gown or a fresh changing gown which can be washed and
dipped in lukewarm water with disinfectant to reuse.
● Place a disinfectant spray on every counter.
● Every salon must have an autoclave, wet sterilizer, uv sterilizer and disposable napkins as well .
A Handy Tip : How to keep hands disinfected for a long time .
By using gloves immediately after cleaning. You can opt for vinyl gloves .
Tips For Freelance Beauty Therapists :
For beauticians who are mobile and offer home services  
  • Do carry sanitizers and disinfectant Solutions . These are available in jars on which proportions are mentioned.
  • Wipes are easy to carry. 
  • Disposable gloves, face mask and shoe covers are a must.

Trained beauticians may have undergone training in salon hygiene
however now is the time that this training has to be inculcated as a best
practice for our salons to keep it germ free and win the trust of clients .
Stay Safe and Keep your surroundings clean.
Also do check out our founder, and Beauty Skin expert Ms. Vaishali K Shah sharing
these tips in her Cidesco Skin Aesthetics Program live session
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Tuesday, 2 June 2020

How to Get Your Makeup Makeover! 

Beauty is everywhere. Around us. Within us. Some of us are too busy in the daily grind to notice the
face in the mirror -  the lost colour, fine lines and eyes that say , “Forget me a lot! “
You,  more often than not end up neglecting yourself in the race of being a daughter, sister, wife,
mother and a career woman. Being naturally beautiful you should not shy from trying to look your best.
Use your me time to let your inner diva out. The one that likes to celebrate life, womanhood and beauty.
Turn up the Glam not to impress but to express.
Makeup is a tool that can be your go to aide at all occasions. Be it events, functions, festivals, family, friends, work, romance . An on day, off day , great day or worst day - your makeup is your steady standby. A trendy wardrobe, stylish hairstyle and artfully applied makeup  will have you dazzling the world. You can Look good, Feel Great and it will reflect in your behaviour and work while boosting your self esteem too.  

We live in a world where an impression about a person is made in a visual aspect in the first few 7
seconds itself . How you look is noticed by everyone around you - including You. 
Research suggests attractive people come across as happier and more competitive. Case in point - Bollywood. Our movies have spawned different types of looks and makeup trends. They are still the go to Guide for makeup enthusiasts out there. If you’re feeling inspired already,
get ready to have a self makeup makeover party! 
However , if you are a novice when it comes to makeup , chances are you will not get the
“slaying” look you saw on a model from a video or a movie  and may be disappointed .
So you have to let the experts take over because makeup done right can do wonders for your looks. And not just any beauty experts. Since you are going to be the artist of your makeup , you have to put yourself in thoroughly experienced international level beauty experts to guide you through. 
This is where LTA can help you. LTA is India’s Best International Beauty Academy . With an experience of 20+ years you can be assured that you can learn the art of makeup from the finest. 
To make things more exciting, LTA has come up with an online Personal Makeover Course where you get to learn about  Makeup | Nail Art | Skin Care | Hair Care.

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  • Concepts of makeup , day and evening makeup
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