Must-Know Monsoon Makeup Tips

At last the rains are here. Looking out from our windows everything looks fresh and beautiful like it's been washed and polished on. We see different shades of green flourishing among the trees and the sky brings out its own palette of colors to mesmerize us.

What about you? Are you looking your best yet? While it has been a different kind of Stay-at -Home Monsoon this year, it doesn't hurt to be prepared to glam up whenever it is time to step out. Now, the rains are not exactly a makeup lover’s friend so here are some: -

Monsoon Makeup Tips to get You Going

O My Moisturiser! - A Water Based Moisturizer is best to get started on to keep your skin soft and hydrated.

It's Prime time! - Applying a Primer is ideal to make your makeup last longer. It will also give your face a smooth base and protection.

Powder Puff Girls! - Put aside your creams for now and go for a liquid water-based foundation or compact powder to be smudge free in the rains. In the event that you get drenched, you can do a touch up in a jiffy.

Matte Me Now! - Matte Lips in soft colors like pink (Yes! Even on Indian skin and the right shade) or nudes are all the rage this season and just perfect for monsoon.

Eye Spy! To keep your peeps dazzling, go for waterproof kajal and keep the mascara optional. Gel liners are long lasting and light to use. Applying an Eye brow pencil would be a tough call so choose wisely.

Less is More! - Keep your look minimal. Go for shades of foundation and lipsticks that are close to your natural skin tone. Experiment (Can be Fun!) to know what works best for your skin.

IMPORTANT! Do NOT forget to:

· Remove your makeup with a cotton ball and a makeup remover. You can use home-based ingredients if you do not have micellar water or a makeup remover. Applying Curd or coconut oil is a good and natural makeup remover.

· Always sterilise your makeup brushes and sponges especially in monsoon as the humidity can spoil them and cause skin rashes.

Hope this helps you into stepping out in the rains whenever that may be, with confidence and slaying your monsoon look.

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