Career Opportunities in Beauty Industry 

 There are a countless number of people across all ages & genders that are enthusiastically opting for services and assistance in their grooming, skin/hair care, makeup, and SO many, that is over a million employees working part-time/ fulltime careers in it worldwide, then where do you as an aspirant see yourself finding your gateway into this giant of an industry? You have happened to come across the right piece of information today! We spent a good few minutes discussing the scale of the Beauty industry previously in our blog, and now it is time that we let you know about the grand opportunities that we at LTA are offering to our students! First & foremost, it is super tough to condense every single opening that there is under one roof that could prove to be a complete guide, as once again there’s way too many fields & sub-fields that are an entire powerhouse on their own to be talked about in a few words. So let us go through some of the very prominent options at least, that you can opt for in order to nourish your skills, enthusiasm & interests into a full blown career!

1. Cosmetologist
Beauty & health is not limited to what we believe it is; a glowing face and thick lustrous hair. It extends to skin care, nails, massage therapy, skincare and of course, includes hairstyling, makeup & other fundamentals. As a cosmetologist, you excel beyond general aspects of beauty & grooming, and delve further into its knowledge & implications. Being a successful cosmetologist (That may specialize in a particular service) opens up multiple options for you to pursue as a full-fledged career choice like working in high-end salons, beauty/skin clinics as a skin/hair expert, wedding or event stylist, salon manager, hair stylist, etc. You could also become a Sales or Marketing Specialist in the cosmetics industry, teach in beauty schools/institutes or start up your own salon.
2. Hair Stylist
 In times where first appearances matter, hair is something that is deemed to be an individual’s signature. No matter how well you’ve spent in terms of attention to your presentability, your hair would always be among the first factors to draw attention & remarks. Hair is not merely considered as an element of style, but is rather an indication about your overall state of mind, status & personality. A shabby set of hair would automatically be presumed as a low mood on display, and likewise other moods/ states depending on how they appear. Hair stylists are who come into the picture here, and they perfect your look via the art of cutting, styling, trimming & other methods. Working as a hair stylist has some very obvious openings for you! Ranging from being a stylist in salons & parlors to the general public, you could amp it up by taking up events like, parties/weddings and so on. Best case scenario, you could work your way up and assist actors, production houses that are associated with theatre, television & so much more! The possibilities are truly limitless.
3. Nail Technician
 This will not come as a surprise, at least not anymore! Nail art & grooming was probably a non-existing space in the industry a decade or so ago, but oh my, has it grown several folds recently! The field of nail expertise is termed as an “art” and rightfully so, because beyond general grooming, the process and practice of turning them into pure specimens via paint & reshaping is truly the work of an artist. Nail technicians are a modern day asset to any parlor, or they might even work as standalone service providers that specialize in manicures, pedicures, nail shaping & so on. Alongside creativity & innovation, it is a work of great patience and precision! As a nail technician, you could easily secure a reputed spot with salons, spas, parlors etc.
4. Academy Trainer
 Do we really need to describe the value of a certified, reliable & able trainer? No academy is complete without having a faculty that can truly guide & lead their students towards excellence! You could be an esteemed academy trainer by acquiring the right knowledge, experience and certifications & work towards contributing as an asset to whichever platform you’d love to be on! There is an endless demand of skilled trainers across multiple employers, and considering how times have changed post pandemic, there is an equally large pool of opportunities to explore and grab from in being an online trainer once you successfully associate yourself with a prestigious organization!
As we have been keen on reminding our readers, that the sheer number of opportunities that the beauty industry has, is literally too wide of a spectrum. So let us name a few more that you could further choose from as your dream career:
 • Franchise
• Brand Ambassador
• Beauty Bloggers
• Beauty Therapist
• Salon / Spa Owner
• Image Consultant
• Product Technical

 This mere glimpse of the array of scope, opportunity & room to grow, is proving to be a seed of curiosity and excitement to countless onlookers! Stay tuned with us to receive in-depth information regarding relevant topics soon!


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