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Salon Graduate Program - Industry's most powerful program for SUCCESS

Salon Graduate Program Edge - Comes with international certification
LTA School of beauty – India’s most preferred international beauty school and largely considered to be education expert has introduced Salon Graduate Program that gives you complete knowledge and makes you all round expert. Our Salon Graduate Program is developed with much research of industry and its growing trends. It is closely based on world’s most prestigious diplomas CIDESCO (H.O. Switzerland), CIBTAC (H.O UK) and CITY&GUILD (H.O. UK). We not only teach you but ensure job placement. Another highlight of this program is job internship facility as part of course and also personality and work place attitude building.

Program Highlights :

Most detailed study on following subjects
Six exciting new careers aligned to three most prestigious international certification – CIDESCO (Switzerland), CIBTAC (UK), CITY&GUILDS (UK)

Beauty Therapy:
Our facial therapy course gives you through knowledge about different skins, several types of facial massage and creams. Students receive practical training in several massage techniques and trendy facials. The nitty-gritty of facial treatments like skin preparations, skin penetration, male skin care, mask therapy, etc. is also part of training. This diploma makes sure that your career as a facial specialist takes a high fly.

Body Treatment:
Spas and massage centers are renowned for shaping body and maintaining physical and psychological health. Our comprehensive body treatment course teaches students several scientific and systematic body therapies, and that elevates the energy level and help in shaping clients’ body. Foot reflexology, body scrub, body galvanic, body vacuums are just named to few.

Hair Dressing:
Make them look better with new hair style and get all praises with your fees. That’s what is to become a hairdresser. Our hair designing diploma covers all the topics related to hair along with techniques of trendy haircut. We provide unlimited support to our students through career counseling and advising while setting up own salon.

Turning someone into desired look is an art, that we call makeup. Our course covers the entire spectrum of the make-up process, right from basic daily touch-up to the dazzling bridal look. After this certified diploma, you will learn to do various breathtaking Indian bridal as well day-to-day’s professional makeup.

Nail Art Course:
We provide diploma in professional nail art course. This course entitles you to start your career anywhere in the world, as a nail art professional. During this certified course, students learn to decorate nails with different applications; various nail art techniques and design it artistically. And to do this, you really need not be an artist! Along with nail art,our course covers gel, acrylic, manicure, sculpting, nail care, nail enhancements,etc. We ensure unlimited student support and career guidance that helps to flourish your career as a nail art technician.

SPA Therapy:
Spa is just-right place to rejuvenate the body and mind. This flourishing spa business has several lucrative opportunities where our students fit well. We offer certified SPA therapy course that includes many types of scientific bathes and massages that are used for physical and psychological wellbeing. Our course also covers professional manners of spas such as confirming the spa program, preparing the service area, identifying and preparing products and equipment, preparing the client.

Program leading to three most prestigious diploma in the world

  • CIDESCO Diploma (Switzerland)
  • CIBTAC Diploma (UK)
  • CITY&GUILD Diploma (UK)

Other Highlights

  • 300 + practice on live models
  • English Communication
  • Customer service skills training
  • JOB Assistance Guaranteed 

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4 reasons to opt for Career in Beauty Industry

It has been noticed recently that people from different fields like Medicine , Engineering, Airline , Fashion designing , call centres etc are taking up Beauty Cosmetology and Hair dressing as their profession. Many people are wondering why this is happening.
If we take a closer look, it is not very difficult to understand why this is the case. Firstly Beauty Industry in India is Rs 12,000 Cr. Industry and it is the fastest growing industry in India at the rate of 30%. Such high growth rate means plenty of job opportunities.
Basically there are 4 other reasons why this industry is very attractive.
1) It is high paying : The top hair dresser in Major Cities earn up to Rs 2,00,000/- a month. Starting salary for a beauty therapist in a branded SPA / Salon is anywhere between 15,000-20,000/- and can quickly earn between 40,000-60,000/- within a span of 2 years time. Average earning of a well trained and qualified hair trainer is Rs.30,000/-.
2) Huge Demand : Previously people use to go to salons and beauty parlours only on special occasions. Now it has become as routine to visit beauty clinics and salons every much. Much like going to restaurant at least once a month. More demand is created as every one wants to look good these days including male members, teenagers and even older members of family. With this situation the demand for good trained professional is very high.
3) Comfortable job timing : Working hours in a SPA/Salons are more comfortable and 99% of time it is only one day shift work. You can come home to catch up every day.
4) Start your own business : Starting your own business in beauty is perhaps one of the easiest business . It requires low investment and money normally would start coming right from first day onwards.
For you to be successful in this industry it is important that you start well. To start with you should not make a mistake of learning from a salon itself as there would not be proper training facility and not enough practise as salon owner would not like their paying clients to be subjected to learning students.
i) First step is to identify a good beauty training school which has good training facility, qualified trainers, Accreditation from reputed body and has good ethics along with sound safety and hygiene standard.
ii) Do not go just for skill training . Beauty Training is complete when you have proper knowledge of what you are doing . Students generally make this mistake of going for a short course and learn only the skill and learn how to do a particular treatment or styling . It is more important to how why a particular treatment or style has been recommended. This could only happen when you have thorough knowledge of subject. Learn both the Science and art of beauty education.
iii) Learn to improve your communication and presentation skill: A well groomed beauty therapist/cosmetologist or a hair dresser along with good communication skills is a big asset to the company as they would be able to understand client better, build better rapport with clients and be in a position to explain why a particular treatment/style has been recommended. This would help n gaining client confidence and ensure the client would come back to you month on month for years together.
iv) Get certified : It is equally important that you get certified by a reputed body preferably by body whose certification is accepted worldwide. Such certification would help you get jobs not only in India but also any where in the world. Getting International certification is like getting your PASSPORT FOR AN INTERNATIONAL CAREER IN BEAUTY AND HAIR INDUSTRY.
Certification like that from CIDESCO (Switzerland), CIBTAC (UK) or City and Guild are among the best certification in the world.

Thursday, 11 December 2014

SPIRIT of Beauty Tech Fest 2014


Beauty tech fest is an event for the beauty industry where professionals, employers, students get to see what talent is available for this industry.
It's great platform to showcase skills and capabilities. This would encourage more people to join this beauty industry. That way this industry would grow.
Just like people easily join IT and fashion industry, young talent should join beauty industry. Every student got their friends and relatives and took pride in presenting their beauty n business skills. They showed to the world how in just a short span of one year their personality and LIFE could be transformed.

LTA school of beauty is India's most preferred international beauty school which offers success guaranteed program SGP- Salon graduate program together with CIDESCO, CIBTAC & City n Guilds. For regular updates connect us on FACEBOOK N YOU TUBE..

Thursday, 27 November 2014

Beauty Tech Fest 2014 - LTA annual event by the students for the students

Wednesday, 26 November 2014

Hunnarbaaz - Skill to WIN -A conversation with Vaishali Shah on how to fly high in Beauty Industry

Monday, 13 October 2014

The Champions have arrived on NATIONAL STAGE

"The  Top Regional Champions Have Arrived on now on the National Stage"

On 25th September 2014 when the winners of National Beauty Skills
Competition were announced, western India cheered with 3 out of top 5
winners were from Mumbai/Nashik and out of this 3, 2 were from LTA School of Beauty Ms. Dhruti Barad & Ms. Ravina Parmar. Beauty & Wellness sector skill organized Pan India beauty skills competition for under 22 between June -September 2014.
Unprecedented and overwhelming response saw over 97 contestant participating in 12 hours regional round competition held in Mumbai, Delhi, Chennai and Guwahati(Assam).
21 contestant were selected and trained to compete in national round in Delhi.  11 Jury members  from across the country had extremely tough time choosing the best among them after 18 hours of marathon display of temperament, strength , tenacity , grace and of course 6 multiskills comprising of manicure, waxing, advance facials, body treatment, SPA therapy, Nail art and make up.
In a country where most would consider vocational skills only around 25years
to have such young talent mastered all these skills and ready to display it
for all to see is a sign of coming of age of this Industry . Story doesn't
end here. These national winners would further compete in March 2015 for
that one position to represent India in Worldskills competition in
August 2015 which would held in Brazil .
India's time on international stage has come.16th August 2015 would prove
whether India's beauty industry skills has arrived on world stage.
We wish the National champions all the very best .

For more on worldskills and beauty skills log on Facebook page of LTA SCHOOL OF BEAUTY or log on to WWW.LTASCHOOLOFBEAUTY.COM

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Tuesday, 23 September 2014

Beauty Skills ALL SET to GET INDIA PRIDE - National selection Round of World Skills Competition in DELHI


Though a late entrant into the World Skills Competition, Beauty Skills is all set to make a block buster entry into the upcoming event in Sao Polo, Brazil 2015. Early indication of the same could be gauged by the fact that for the regional selection rounds from across the country in 2012 we witnessed only 15 participants and mainly from western part of the country this year 2014 for the regional selection round we witnessed over 100 participants competing to represent India in Brazil.


 Besides setting record number of participation for any skills, beauty skills this year had the distinction of being the only skills among the two dozen skills (competing in World Skills Competition 2015) which went deep into north east to identify young talent.

Such was the fervour in this sector to it brought together various associations, salon owners , training schools and industry experts to not only spread awareness and solicit participation but also saw various stake holder contributing money, precious time and technical resource to make regional selection round of beauty skills a resounding success.

After record creating regional rounds where for the very first time we saw over 100 participants it's time for NATIONAL ROUND.

Best of 21 participants from EAST, WEST, NORTH & SOUTH would compete in Delhi from 23rd Sept -25th Sept.

Please join me in wishing all the contestants good luck. May the best one WIN.

Where EAST, WEST, NORTH & SOUTH participants get their plans ready for the BIG FIGHT tomorrow, the Lord of the rings explaining the rules of game. 


New addition in this year National competition. Candidates not allowed to speak. Flash card only means of communication says the program conductor Ms. Vaishali Shah, Director, LTA School of Beauty Mumbai.

In rapt attention not to miss out on finer details beauty skills participants expresses their intent and their desire.


Stay connected for real time updates as the skills competition starts today!!!!!


Thursday, 18 September 2014

In Conversation with Ms. Joey Spamers- Highly experienced CIDESCO examiner from South Africa

In Conversation with Ms. Joey Spamers- Highly experienced CIDESCO examiner from South Africa

As monsoon wanes and winter is about to set in India, its that time of the year when CIDESCO examination takes place in India . It was in between one such hectic session that we caught up with Ms.Joey Spamers.
Ms. Spamers has over 18 years of  being CIDESCO examiner and have evaluated students from all over the world across Atlantic and Pacific oceans.

This is what she shared--

You have been to India as an examiner 4 years ago, have you noticed any change?

I must say I am pleasantly surprised to see such major changes taking place in India in beauty education space. Earlier there were just couple of schools providing CIDESCO education and total numbers wouldn't exceed 50 in one season. Today I could see already 7 registered CIDESCO schools and I am told more schools are awaiting CIDESCO accreditation. In one such leading school in Mumbai I examined nearly 44 students from that school alone. This is very encouraging sign of rising popularity of CIDESCO education in India. Moreover I have seen the performance of students getting better both in terms of knowledge and skills

You have been running a highly successful CIDESCO school for over 20 years. What difference have you noticed between students in your country and in India.

In SA we have students more interested in SPA therapies as compared to India. Secondly the number of experienced professional taking up PG CIDESCO is very high in India and perhaps highest in the world. Third difference which I have noticed is that unlike us most students in India prefer to take up jobs closer to their homes and reluctant to take up highly lucrative overseas assignments like the one from Cruize liners which gives our students immense confidence and international exposure and of course good money.

Any special comments you would like to make on CIDESCO students in India?

Yes I must say I am very impressed with the way Indian students presented the special subjects. Some of the topics were very unique and more importantly the effort taken by students to go into details of subject and make the service segment as presentable as possible is worth mentioning.

What do you think of World Skills competition and India's winning chance in beauty skills?

Students who undergo CIDESCO education acquire most of the skills required to compete in worldskills and I am sure with such level of interest in CIDESCO education in India among the younger generation, it is just a matter of time when India would win medals in World Skills competition. I must say this time around India has made a strong positive impression in my mind and with 1.25 billion population I see no reason why India couldn't be CIDESCO CAPITAL OF THE WORLD and produce winner in World Skills competition .   

CIDESCO diploma is World's highest qualification in beauty therapy and is the most prestigious and aspirational qualification for beauty professional worldwide. WWW.CIDESCO.COM


Sunday, 14 September 2014


It's that time of the year when entire unit of team LTA gets into a huddle to ensure CIDESCO examination process goes without any glitches after all being INDIA'S leading CIDESCO SCHOOL--LTA has to manage expectation of many.

This time too besides students from all parts of the country there would be international students appearing for CIDESCO examination at LTA.

We warmly welcome our examiner Ms. JOEY SPAMERS from SOUTH AFRICA, ready to showcase our students knowledge and skills.

We wish our students all the very best. Please join me in wishing good luck to our students as they start their examination with Theory session for 1 1/2 hours today.

I  am  sure with your best wishes  they will have a rocking start today and will be all CHEERED and prepared  for practical examination.

For updates visit -  WWW.LTASCHOOlOFBEAUTY.COM

Saturday, 13 September 2014


There is no price for guessing where INDIA'S BIGGEST CIDESCO examination is going to take place.

Next week examination fever grips LTA school of beauty, when examiner from South Africa Ms.JOEY  SPAMERS Would examine LTA students at Andheri, Mumbai.

Exhaustive evaluation process would last for 6 days. Like every nervous parents before their children's examination LTA'S  Principal and trainers are having anxious moments

Send in your best wishes and good luck to all our students.

Friday, 12 September 2014



In one of the recent event in Mumbai, hundreds of beauty professionals resolved to get themselves CIDESCO certified and set on glorious journey to become recognized Cosmetologist. Being CIDESCO graduate would get them huge respect among beauty community, peer group and customers while opening  door to financial success.
CIDESCO is world 's highest qualification in beauty and a dream achievement for  every beauty professionals.
To know how to get there log onto WWW.LTASCHOOLOFBEAUTY.COM
Next PG CIDESCO Lecture Series Starts-
Kalyan, Mumbai 13th October every Monday 
Borivali, Mumbai 27th October.  
For package of 8 lectures Call 9223218016 / 9930313131

Why is CIDESCO Qualification so special  !!
There are many reasons why almost every beauty therapist worldwide aspires to be CIDESCO qualified let me state some top reasons.
A)    It is one of the most comprehensive Beauty Therapy program with due  weight age given to theory and practical .
B)    Complete syllabus takes minimum 1200 hrs which includes Anatomy-       Physiology , basic beauty service advance facial and body treatment along with make-up training
C)    Perhaps only program to have special projects designed to  encourage students to seek knowledge beyond their syllabus and improve their documentation and research skills
D)    Great emphasis on client safety and hygiene practise
E)    Completely unbiased student assessment by neutral examiner from overseas destination
F)    You can obtain CIDESCO diploma only when you complete minimum 600 hrs of actual salon experience after your final assessment. An excellent CIDESCO practice which would ensure students are not only qualified through controlled learning environment  but also have real life practice in real environment before they are certified.  
G)   Eminent personalities on board for over 60 years and  presence in 33 countries has lend tremendous credibility to CIDESCO qualification and is easily the most preferred qualification among employers world wide
H)    CIDESCO qualification is considered as your passport to international beauty career
I)      CIDESCO annual conference provides excellent opportunities for CIDESCO graduates to upgrade their knowledge
J)     Post Graduate Diploma (PG Diploma) in CIDESCO allows every beauty therapist having over 3 years of working experience to get this certification in shorter duration.
K)    Cidesco Diploma guarantees THE BEST JOBS in beauty Industry
L)    CIDESCO Graduates are the most knowledge , most skilled and most qualified beauty professionals 

I would say if there is one beauty qualification you must have in your life time then it has to be CIDESCO from Switzerland.

Happy qualification

Vaishali K
Director LTA School Of Beauty 
Admission open for CIDESCO & PG CIDESCO diploma program For September 2015 examination

Special concession for early enrollment.

Stay arrangement for outstation students can be arranged.

Wednesday, 27 August 2014

Beauty Skills creates History -

Beauty skills creates history in India with a century

Though a late entrant into the world skills competition, beauty skills is set to make a block buster entry into the upcoming event in Sao Polo, Brazil 2015. Early indication of the same could be gauged by the fact that for the regional selection rounds from across the country in 2012 we witnessed only 15 participants and mainly from western part of the country this year 2014  for the regional  selection round we witnessed over 100 participants competing to represent India in Brazil.

Besides setting record number of participation for any skills , beauty skills this year had the distinction of being the only skills among the two dozen skills (competing in worldskills competition 2015) which went deep into north east to identify young talent.

Such was the fervour in this sector to it brought together various associations, salon owners , training schools and industry experts to not only spread awareness and solicit participation but also saw various stake holder contributing money , precious time and technical resource to make regional selection round of beauty skills a resounding success.

To further boost the enthusiasm and raise the morale of industry NSDC chairman and CEO Mr.Dilip Chenoy was personally present in one of the occasion to give away the awards and send out signal that we are leading the pack and setting example for other sector skills to follow suit. Beauty and wellness sector skills council , CII and other NSDC members made their presence felt and contributed whole heartedly to make these event a grand success

Associations and private institution who contributed to the success of this event included Dr.Blossom Kochhars Aroma Magic,  Signature training centre, Naturals chain of salons, Professional Beauty, VLCC and LTA school of beauty.

Stay connected for regular updates.

Wednesday, 20 August 2014

WORLD SKILLS COMPETITION - Beauty Skills -- Regional selection round - CHENNAI 20th & 21st August

WORLD SKILLS COMPETITION - Beauty Skills -- Regional selection round - CHENNAI 20th & 21st August

20 participants undergoing orientation session held at Naturals Training Academy.
Technical expert Ms. Vaishali K Shah showing video clips of beauty skills competition as part of orientation session.

Out of these 20 young talent who are under 21 of age lets see who qualifies for NATIONALS ELIMINATION round to be held next month in Delhi.

LTA school of beauty is training partner and technical expert who will train all shortlisted qualified students to participate in National Elimination round.

Your best wishes and cheers to these very young talent will encourage more n more people to join this industry.


Monday, 4 August 2014

PRESS CONFERENCE - North east Assam Association of Estheticians with LTA

Directors of LTA SCHOOL OF BEAUTY - India's most preferred international beauty school - Ms. Vaishali Shah and Mr. Biju Nair along with president of Assam Association of Astheticians and owner of Signature Training Centre Ms. Madhumita Saikia addressing press conference to promote World Skills  India Beauty Competition North East regional round in Assam -Guwahati..

The event starts tomorrow for two days where 28-30 contestants will be performing non-stop in 7 different skills namely -
Facial treatment
Body therapy
Nail Art

Stay connected for direct updates.

Sunday, 3 August 2014

Northeast selection countdown begins - CHEERS N BEST WISHES REQUIRED

LTA SCHOOL OF BEAUTY- India's most preferred international beauty school is in Assam- Northeastern part if India for world skills competition regional selection round. Out of these 28-30 candidates,  3 would be shortlisted basis performance for National selection round to be held in September/October 2014. Director of LTA SCHOOL Ms. Vaishali Shah was briefing participants of worldskills regional round (north east).
Competition scheduled for 5th and 6th August is generating huge excitement in this region as this is for the very first time ever that such competition is taking place in this part of the country. One never know next beauty skills champion could be from here.  Competitive spirit is one thing you could be assured of from participants here.
Please be with us for regular updates.

Friday, 1 August 2014

World Skills Competition -Ŕegional Round


LTA SCHOOL OF BEAUTY - After organizing hugely sucessful beauty skill competition -- "Skillathon 2014" in western region -Mumbai as run up to World Skills Competition its time for action to shift to NORTH EAST - Assam where for the first time ever competition of this nature is being conducted.

LTA takes pride to be part of NSDC initiative to encourage youth to take up skills.
After competing at the regional round, the shortlisted candidates would move on to National  Selection Round to be held sometime in September 14.

Cheer the candidate and wish them luck.
Send in your best wishes as one out of them would be selected to represent INDIA in World Skills Competition Brazil scheduled to happen in mid of 2015.

Stay with us for regular updates.


Friday, 18 July 2014

Your FIRST STEP to beauty career

Its the RIGHT TIME to take the FIRST STEP to beauty career for Name, Fame & Income. Learn the -
Style of HAIR
Skill of BEAUTY (part time )

Want to enter the exciting world of beauty service industry & earn name, fame and wealth.

The right program for freshers.

Career in beauty a happy career A Dream job & good income).

Take the FIRST STEP in training.

LTA India's favourite international beauty school, announces FIRST STEP , an series of 3 module for those who want to take first step in beauty education for only rs 13,500/- limited period offer

Batch starts 25th July 2014.

For details call 02261548000


Thursday, 10 July 2014



CIDESCO diploma- World's highest qualification in beauty therapy has always been a dream and goal for almost every beauticians world wide. Beautician in India are no different . However what prevents beauty therapist in India from pursing this goal has been the prohibitive cost of acquiring this prestigious diploma and the fear of not being able to comprehend subject knowledge.

LTA school of beauty , India’s favourite CIDESCO school recently rolled out an innovative means of circumventing this challenge. In its latest campaign  LTA announced  series of 8  lecture which would cover essential theory aspects of CIDESCO curriculum. Priced around 10$ per lecture this initiative enables hundreds of beauty professional to pursue their dream.

This lecture series would be followed by practical workshops leading up to exam preparation. Special scholarship would be awarded to deserving candidates.

Where there is a will there is a way. LTA has once again proved this adage to be true with this campaign which was applauded by industry and practitioners in particular. The first lecture started in three major suburb of Mumbai - in Dadar Thane & Vashi. Beauty professional made declaration and announced to the world that they would become CIDESCO GRADUATES by 2015.

More information of LTA School of beauty could be sought at WWW.LTASCHOOLOFBEAUTY.COM




Tuesday, 1 July 2014


Beauty Education Seminar by LTA-India's Most Preferred International Beauty School

Learn Science of human body, SKIN Analysis & Machine Treatment Planning as per International Standards of CIDESCO DIPLOMA,Switzerland-World's Highest Qualification in Beauty Therapy..

Attend this PG CIDESCO Lecture of 8 lecture Series..Take your DREAM STEP towards CIDESCO Education @ Un-believable price

TO register Call 9930313131


Thursday, 26 June 2014


In a recent event in Mumbai LTA SCHOOL OF BEAUTY Conducted a BEAUTY CAREER GUIDANCE SEMINAR where the object and subject of choosing a career was explained in depth.

When we choose any career there are various consideration like the internal factor which is individual in nature example- aptitude , orientation ,tenacity etc. Then there is this external factor Like  social consideration to choose any position in government organization for security reason or to  choose private organization for professional environment and/or financial consideration and speedy career growth. Above consideration hold true in over 80% of cases while choosing a career. What most of us fail to look at is the third consideration which is the sector or the industries where one would like to dedicate their future and would like to build their fortune from. If the financial consideration reigns high In the order of priority whilechoosing a career then there is one interesting way of looking at careeroptions available .
Divide all career options into two
1) one which involves inanimate objects. 
2) one which deals with human as subject.
In 99.99% of case if your career path include human subject then your chances of making it big in commercial terms would certainly be higher than those does not involve human subject. Take for example entire ecosystem of medical stream whether it is medicine ,medical equipment company  or  surgeons , nutritionist etc. While all these ecosystem involves extended length of study besides financial commitments there is one relatively newer industry which has the human subject at its core and hence follows the theory of being more financially rewarding with relatively lesser commitment of time and money toachieve ones life goal. This Industry which I am referring to is the beauty and wellness industry which is set to grow exponentially in INDIA at least for the next 15-20years. To get into this industry minimum requirement of formal academic qualification is the one which could be acquired in 18 years. Though the entry barrier is low for one to do really well in this industry one mustdedicate anywhere between  9 months to 18 months acquiring multiple skills within this industry which varies from creative aspects to treating particular skin and body anomalies. This industry which promises to make people beautiful is expected togenerate at least 1 lac new jobs every and demand for trained manpower wouldfar exceed the supply for at least next half a decade if not more. This would mean better income proposition for any right skilled professional. So Next time if you find anyone in dilemma on choosing a career advice them on the object and subject aspect while choosing one a career.
Author of this article Ms. Vaishali K Shah is director of LTA SCHOOL OF BEAUTY.

India's favourite international beauty school now in PUNE also.

Andheri (E) --  02261548000
Mulund (W) --02225621669
Vashi               --9223222430
Pune             -02026823131