In Conversation with Ms. Joey Spamers- Highly experienced CIDESCO examiner from South Africa

In Conversation with Ms. Joey Spamers- Highly experienced CIDESCO examiner from South Africa

As monsoon wanes and winter is about to set in India, its that time of the year when CIDESCO examination takes place in India . It was in between one such hectic session that we caught up with Ms.Joey Spamers.
Ms. Spamers has over 18 years of  being CIDESCO examiner and have evaluated students from all over the world across Atlantic and Pacific oceans.

This is what she shared--

You have been to India as an examiner 4 years ago, have you noticed any change?

I must say I am pleasantly surprised to see such major changes taking place in India in beauty education space. Earlier there were just couple of schools providing CIDESCO education and total numbers wouldn't exceed 50 in one season. Today I could see already 7 registered CIDESCO schools and I am told more schools are awaiting CIDESCO accreditation. In one such leading school in Mumbai I examined nearly 44 students from that school alone. This is very encouraging sign of rising popularity of CIDESCO education in India. Moreover I have seen the performance of students getting better both in terms of knowledge and skills

You have been running a highly successful CIDESCO school for over 20 years. What difference have you noticed between students in your country and in India.

In SA we have students more interested in SPA therapies as compared to India. Secondly the number of experienced professional taking up PG CIDESCO is very high in India and perhaps highest in the world. Third difference which I have noticed is that unlike us most students in India prefer to take up jobs closer to their homes and reluctant to take up highly lucrative overseas assignments like the one from Cruize liners which gives our students immense confidence and international exposure and of course good money.

Any special comments you would like to make on CIDESCO students in India?

Yes I must say I am very impressed with the way Indian students presented the special subjects. Some of the topics were very unique and more importantly the effort taken by students to go into details of subject and make the service segment as presentable as possible is worth mentioning.

What do you think of World Skills competition and India's winning chance in beauty skills?

Students who undergo CIDESCO education acquire most of the skills required to compete in worldskills and I am sure with such level of interest in CIDESCO education in India among the younger generation, it is just a matter of time when India would win medals in World Skills competition. I must say this time around India has made a strong positive impression in my mind and with 1.25 billion population I see no reason why India couldn't be CIDESCO CAPITAL OF THE WORLD and produce winner in World Skills competition .   

CIDESCO diploma is World's highest qualification in beauty therapy and is the most prestigious and aspirational qualification for beauty professional worldwide. WWW.CIDESCO.COM



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