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#World Skills-the Largest Competition in the World of Professional Education-India's Story in Beauty THerapy

Congratulations !!! 

The results are out .. Team #WorldSkills India win 8 Medallion out of 27 Skills that we participated and for the 1st time we won a Medallion in #Beauty Therapy and #Hair Dressing. The Indian Contestants have won the hearts of many & with prayers and best wishes of 1.2 billion hearts back home in India, these young energetic talent are coming back with much improved performance and achieving one milestone of moving ahead to a Medallion Finish.

Our heartiest CONGRATULATIONS on behalf of entire team of #LTA to team #India for showcasing such talent & especially to Neha Chande n Pradeep Ved for getting name n fame to #Beauty n Wellness Sector..A medallion is received when your score is more than the average of the highest and the lowest. So for the first time in history we have crossed our position and reached the #MEDALLION.. 󾌵󾌵 

We are proud of our principal Vaishali Shah for being the Technical Expert for two consecutive times & getting Gold Medal for the country in Oceania Competition New Zealand n Medallion in WorldSkills Competition Sao Paulo Brazil in 2015.

Ms. Neha Chande - Winner of Medallion in Beauty Therapy World Skills Sao Paulo 2015

We have compiled day wise images of Neha in action winning many hearts in the last 4 days. Glimpses of Neha's body of work will make not only family but the entire beauty industry proud of her.
DAY - 1 Expert Briefing 

Day 1 - Neha Ulhas Chande in Action, Facial therapy
Day 2 - Body Therapy
Day 3 - Final Briefing with the Expert Ms. Vaishali K Shah
Day 3- Makeup & Nail Art after a quick briefing from Expert
All teachers & students of 2012 batch which Neha belonged to has send out special wishes.

Graduation day 2012 - Pass-out 

Saturday, 15 August 2015


When planet Earth's star(sun) had seţ on 11th august 2015 on Sao Paulo, Two new star of Beauty and wellness industry Pradeep and Neha were born to represent the country India with skills that require patience rigor creativity focus n compose.

We all wait eagerly until 16th Night for our Samba Night. ---

World skills the biggest skill and education show on this planet for 2015 began in Sao Paulo, Brazil on 11th august with much fanfare.
Day one of competition for beauty skills saw fantastic display of skills from almost all continents.  Some of images would stand testimony of this fact. The scale, the grandeur and once in a lifetime opportunity for the candidates was grabbed by contestants with both the hands.
This display of skills went encouraging youngsters to pick up and excel in any of the vocational skills of their choice which is one of the objective of #Worldskills.
Nearly 10,000 students aged  between 12 and 16 were introduced to worldskills competition where 56 skills were on display.. Nearly 2000 volunteers were roped in to conduct this guided tour successfully.
Volunteers were also seen collecting Indian flag pins for souvenirs.
Collecting sovereigns from different countries became a interesting hobby for volunteers at worldskills.

This year India participated in more than 50% of 53 skills that were up for competition in WorldSkills 2015 beside beauty therapy India competed in 26 other skills and that itself is quiet an achievement for any country who have only recently been a member of WorldSkills. Some of skills in action were -
Confectionery category
Restaurant Service
Wall and floor tiling
Brick laying design
Architectural stone masonry
Jewellery design
Visual merchandising and window dressing
Aircraft Maintenance
Web Designing
Some spectacular skills on display nothing short of visual treat were floristry and architectural stone masonry.
We wish Neha our beauty skill contestant from india good luck for finishing on high note in WorldSkills 2015 held in Sao Paulo Brazil.
#LTA School of Beauty's director Vaishali Shah is the skill expert for the second consecutive time in a row.
Penultimate day of WorldSkills 2015 beauty therapy competition in Sao Paulo seen in the expert #Vaishali Shah briefing #Ms.Neha Chande.

One has to see it to believe it the excitement, the energy of youth at WorldSkills.. Neha Chande from india gave her best shot ever. While fantasy makeup was the hero module, nail art was quietly doing its rounds. Nail fashion,nail makeup,nail art call it by any name it's significance in the overall scheme of things cannot be underestimated..
India's contestant Ms. Neha Chande had made up her mind to show the world what creative sense India has when it comes to art.

#LTA SCHOOL OF BEAUTY is proud of this 2012 batch pass-out and wish her very best for results to be declared tomorrow

#WORLDSKILLS SAO PAULO 2015 Ms. Neha Chande completed with Grandeur

#World Skills Competition Sao Paulo 2015 witnessed some fine design galore. Amazing display of creativity, skill, temperament were at display during the Final module of nail art and fantasy makeup. Some of the stunning work of creativity is worth watching.
While fantasy makeup was the hero module, nail art was quietly doing its rounds. Nail fashion, nail makeup, nail art call it by any name it's significance in the overall scheme of things cannot be underestimated..
India's contestant Ms. Neha Chande had made up her mind to show the world what creative sense India has when it comes to art. #LTA SCHOOL OF BEAUTY is proud of this 2012 batch pass-out and wish her very best for results to be declared tomorrow.
Follow us for the results tomorrow.

Saturday, 8 August 2015

Why are More and More People taking up career in Beauty Industry-LTA makes it Surest Path To SUCCESS

Why are More and More People taking up career in Beauty Industry

It has been noticed recently that people from different  fields like  Medicine , Engineering, Airline , Fashion designing , call centres  etc are taking up Beauty Cosmetology and Hair dressing as their profession. Many people are wondering why this is happening.
If we take a closer look , it is not very difficult to understand why this is the case. Firstly Beauty Industry in India is Rs 12,000 Cr. Industry and it is the fastest growing industry in India at the rate of 30%.  Such high growth rate means plenty of job opportunities.
Basically there are 4 other reasons why this industry  is very attractive.
#1) It is high  paying : The top hair dresser  in Major Cities earn upto Rs1,70,000/- starting salary for a beauty therapist in a branded  SPA/Salon  is anywhere between 10,000-15000/- and can quickly earn  between 30,000-50,000/- within a span of 2 years time. Average earning of a well trained and qualified hair trainer is Rs30,000/-
#2)Huge Demand  : Previously people use to go to salons and parlours only on special occasions. Now it has become as routine to visit beauty clinics and salons every much . Much like going to restaurant at least once a month . More demand are created as every one wants to look good these days including male members , teenagers and even older members of family. With this situation the demand for good trained professional is very high
#3)Comfortable job timing:  Unlike hotels, airlines and call centres . Working hours in a SPA/Salons are more comfortable and 99% of time it is only one day shift work. You can come home to catch up every day
#4)  Start your own business: Starting your own business in beauty  is perhaps one of the easiest business . It requires low investment  and money normally would start coming right from first day onwards.
For you to be successful in this industry it is important that you start well. To start with you should not make a mistake of learning from a salon itself as there would not be proper training facility and not enough practise as salon owner would not like their paying clients to be subjected to learning students.
i) First step is to identify a good beauty training school which has good training facility, qualified trainers, Accreditation from reputed body and  has good ethics along with sound safety and hygiene standard . 
ii)Do not go just for skill training . Beauty Training is complete when you have proper knowledge  of what you are doing . Students generally make this mistake of going for a short course and learn only the skill and learn how to do a particular treatment or styling . It is more important to how why a particular treatment or style has been recommended . This could only happen when you have thorough knowledge of subject . Learn both the Science and art of beauty education
iii)Learn to improve your communication and presentation skill: A well groomed beauty therapist/cosmetologist or a hair dresser along with good communication skills is a big asset to the company as they would be able to understand client better , build better rapport with clients and be in a position to explain why a particular treatment/style has been recommended. This would help n gaining client confidence and ensure the client would come back to you month on month for years together.
iv) Get certified: It is equally important that you get certified by a reputed body preferably by body whose certification is accepted worldwide. Such certification would help you get jobs not only in India but also any where in the world. Getting International  certification is like getting  your PASSPORT FOR AN INTERNATIONAL CAREER  IN BEAUTY AND HAIR INDUSTRY.
Certification like that from CIDESCO(Switzerland),CIBTAC(UK) or City and Guild are among the best certification in the world

Have a beautiful career ahead of you

Friday, 7 August 2015

Being Beauty Educated Vs Beauty Skilled - Article by LTA School Of Beauty

Don’t  just (Be)auty Skilled (Be)auty Educated
Beauty industry in India is growing at a super fast pace. Thanks to increasing grooming consciousness across all classes and masses. Society rewards those who are well groomed. Organizations especially those who are in service sector are paying premium to those who invest in making themselves presentable. It is not surprising then to find women and now even men from 16 to 60 years paying regular visits to salons and spa and proud to call themselves x years young and not x years old.
This booming industry of salon and spa is likely to see such accelerated growth for next 10 years at least if not more. No wonder millions of job opportunities for hair dressers, beauty and SPA therapist, cosmetologist, make up and nail artist are going to get created and don’t be surprised if this industry get the honour of having highest paid professionals and those working in this sector would be considered  more fortunate and be envied.
In order to reap rich returns in this fantastic beauty industry it is important to understand what does it to take for a professionalto make it big. First generation of people who had entered into this industry had done so either by accidently discovering that their passion is rewarded or had no other choice as entry barrier into any other industry was high. They found time, effort and money required to enter into beauty industry was low. However current generation would want to make a conscious and deliberate effort to be successful in this highly rewarding beauty industry.
One must realize that as industry evolves so does consumer and same is the case with more and more salon patrons questioning why a particular product or machine is being used and one cannot ignore their demand for better ambience, hygiene, service orientation and more knowledgeable beauty therapist or hair dresser working on them. Here in lies the secret of success for every aspiring beauty therapist, hair dresser, nail and make artist or even SPA and body therapist. No longer would just being skilled be rewarded. Beauty Education is what would set apart a skilled beautician from beauty therapist or an aesthetician and for that matter education in hair dressing would set one apart from hair cutter to a hair stylist, artist or an hair dresser.
Skills comes with training while knowledge comes with education. Whenever one decides to take a plunge into  industry ensure that one should be properly educated with the science of body and hair, chemistry of products used in treatments and physics of  devices/tools  used in delivering hair and beauty service. It goes without saying that skills to deliver hair and beauty services at beauty parlours, beauty clinics, salons and SPA could only be acquired with sufficient training and practise beauty education should be the starting point.
A good professional program in hair and beauty should incorporate right mix of technical education and skills combined with soft skills required while interacting with customers and colleagues. Generally it takes a year of intense education and training for one to be well rounded professional and beauty career aspirants should also be prepared to invest that length of time which will do immense good to their future.
Have a beautiful career ahead

India’s most preferred beauty education school specializing in preparing students for the world’s most prestigious diploma from CIDESCO(Switzerland), CIBTAC(UK) and City&Guild(UK).
Salon Graduate Program(SGP) one of the most sought after diploma from LTA that prepares students for 6 different lucrative career.
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Skills + Knowledge + Certification = CAREER & Career lead to Success


Sunday, 2 August 2015

Cidesco-World's Highest Diploma supports BAN on Plastic Microbeads

July 2015
#CIDESCO Supports Ban on Plastic Microbeads 
CIDESCO, the world standard for beauty and spa therapy, has called on its global membership to help protect the environment and health of the planet by replacing their skincare products containing microbeads with safer alternatives.
Over the past 60 years plastic has become central to our lives and it’s only more recently that we’re discovering that it has come at a price. The price is the danger it is causing to the environment. While news about the Plastic Garbage Islands in our oceans might have alerted us to limit our use of plastic bottles and containers, it has more recently come to light that it’s not just the bottles we should be concerned about but also their plastic ‘microbeads’ contents. Studies have shown that fish often mistake microbeads for food and eat them, resulting in toxins further up the food chain.
Plastic microbeads are used in some cosmetic products including scrubs, exfoliators, cleansers and soaps. In California alone, approximately 471 million plastic beads are released into San Francisco Bay every day. This has resulted in The State Assembly of California passing a bill banning plastic microbeads used in these products with other States in the process of doing the same. The Netherlands has already banned the use of microbeads across the country.
CIDESCO’s President, Anna-Cari Gund says “Plastic pollution has become a man-made global catastrophe. As a worldwide organisation we know that together our members can make a difference in helping to prevent this situation getting worse. We have therefore issued an appeal to all our members to review the products they are using and where necessary swap the products containing microbeads with safe alternatives.”
Commenting on the issue, Steve Malkin, CEO of Planet First, a specialist in sustainable business practice, “You cannot remove microbeads from the environment as they are too small to catch in water treatment and they don't degrade. The danger is that they will sit in our oceans and lakes forever to be ingested by fish and molluscs, damaging our ecosystems and entering our food chain. The solution is for companies to stop producing products with microbeads and to use natural alternatives. It's better for the planet, us and our fellow species."
For further information about CIDESCO please contact,
Tel +41 44 448 2200 or visit