#World Skills-the Largest Competition in the World of Professional Education-India's Story in Beauty THerapy

Congratulations !!! 

The results are out .. Team #WorldSkills India win 8 Medallion out of 27 Skills that we participated and for the 1st time we won a Medallion in #Beauty Therapy and #Hair Dressing. The Indian Contestants have won the hearts of many & with prayers and best wishes of 1.2 billion hearts back home in India, these young energetic talent are coming back with much improved performance and achieving one milestone of moving ahead to a Medallion Finish.

Our heartiest CONGRATULATIONS on behalf of entire team of #LTA to team #India for showcasing such talent & especially to Neha Chande n Pradeep Ved for getting name n fame to #Beauty n Wellness Sector..A medallion is received when your score is more than the average of the highest and the lowest. So for the first time in history we have crossed our position and reached the #MEDALLION.. 󾌵󾌵 

We are proud of our principal Vaishali Shah for being the Technical Expert for two consecutive times & getting Gold Medal for the country in Oceania Competition New Zealand n Medallion in WorldSkills Competition Sao Paulo Brazil in 2015.

Ms. Neha Chande - Winner of Medallion in Beauty Therapy World Skills Sao Paulo 2015

We have compiled day wise images of Neha in action winning many hearts in the last 4 days. Glimpses of Neha's body of work will make not only family but the entire beauty industry proud of her.
DAY - 1 Expert Briefing 

Day 1 - Neha Ulhas Chande in Action, Facial therapy
Day 2 - Body Therapy
Day 3 - Final Briefing with the Expert Ms. Vaishali K Shah
Day 3- Makeup & Nail Art after a quick briefing from Expert
All teachers & students of 2012 batch which Neha belonged to has send out special wishes.

Graduation day 2012 - Pass-out 


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