Monday, 29 June 2015

5 Things that would Make You Highly Successful in Beauty Service Industry

If you are considering career in beauty industry you must ensure the following:

1) Knowledge : Once you have identified your area of interest that is whether you would like to specialize in area of beauty therapy involving face and body treatment or hair dressing or make up you must ensure that you have enough subject knowledge . Many people mistake being Knowledgeable to that of being skilled. Most people rush into acquiring skills rather that acquiring subject knowledge which is essential for those who would like to progress in their career. Knowledge allows you to build a strong foundation from where you could even consider experimenting with new treatments and service. Society always respect those who are knowledgeable whatever many be their field of work.

2) Skills : Goes without saying that you should be skilful in you work. Whether it is beauty treatment, hair styling or make over with make up. You should have enough practise to refine your acquired skills. Hygiene plays an important role in this. Whatever you do, do ensure that your work area, equipments and all material that come in contact with clients are sterilized. Secondly value clients time and deliver service within prescribed time with a smile. This require practice.

3) Certification: Difficult to Imagine you going for a medical treatment with someone who claims to be doctor without certificate. Even though this person would be good at diagnosing and treatment, there is always element of doubt whether he/she is knowledgeable enough or not.

Same hold true even for a beauty therapist. It is import to go for a certification which is recognized people. Preferable that the certification be of international repute as it would be helpful even when you want to migrate to other countries at later stage in life. It would help both in scoring points for during your VISA process and even when you seek employment there. Secondly international norms especially European norms are stricter that most of the other countries. In beauty CIDESCO and CIBTAC qualification is most desirable qualification whereas for others qualification from CITY & GUIL D is recognized.

4) Presentation: For a successful career it is important that we focus on our image. Our own grooming standard should be of high order to give clients the confidence they are in hands of those who what it takes to look good. Presentation would enable you to command better price .Clients would not mind paying more for someone who appears very neat and having impeccable personal hygiene.

5) Communication skills : As beauty service industry is all about dealing with people it is important that one masters the art of good communication. It is no rocket science that clients would spend more time and money with those beauty therapist or hair and make up artist who make them comfortable and engage them with relevant conversation to uncover their service requirement and suggest right treatment.

The above 5 Things - Skills - Knowledge - Certification - Presentation - Communication Skills will LEAD to Ones Successful CAREER as BEAUTY Cosmetologist

Thursday, 4 June 2015

#Beginners Beauty Cosmetology Program#

The need for "Look groomed and beautiful" has given rise to new industry of beauty and wellness. It seems small but deep and vast like an ocean; this industry is growing rapidly and will flourish in the same manner till many more years. Going to salon and spa are no more luxury but need to maintain lifestyle, look groomed, enhance a beauty, rejuvenate or relax self from stress, or to raise standard of living in social or professional life. Growth of film and fashion film industries coupled with increased people to people connects and growth in service industries is main reasons behind expansion of beauty and salon industry. It is no more about age, income, or gender; this industry is only about how concerned you are about your outer appearance and how you wish to enhance it? That is the reason today spas and salons have clients from age of 16 to 70 plus including males. 

Beauty career aspirants are expected to be multi skilled if they have enhance their utility in work place and land up with lucrative salary. Today every beauty salon and spa needs their staff to be multi-talented and skilled in catering to different needs of clients. Organizations often prefer an employee who is able to do face, body treatment or enhancement services like makeup, hair-styling, nail art, etc.

LTA School of Beauty gives you an opportunity to start your Cosmetology Career with Beginners Beauty Cosmetology Program. The start is important. With new special program you can start by paying as low as Rs. 7750/- per month for a FOUR months program.