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Attention - Freshers & Beauty Professionals Discover the Secret behind what is required to BECOME a Cosmetologist & NOT a Beautician - Attend Knowledge Seminar conducted by Beauty Education Expert on Advance Facial Treatment on Pigmentation. 24th July - LTA Andheri 25th July - LTA Thane @ Rs. 250/- ONLY. Time -10.30 to 2 pm To Book Call Leena on 7738908358 / 9930313131 / 9320026830 You need to Pay online to book your seat as it is Limited -

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Learn Bridal Makeup with Hair Styling & Saree Draping @ Rs. 37000/- only Get 10% off on Full Payment.. Special Only Saturday batch also Available. Call Leena on 7738903858/ 9930313131 /. 9320026830 NOW

Learn Bridal Makeup with Hair Styling & Saree Draping @ Rs. 37000/- only Get 10% off on Full Payment.. Special Only Saturday batch also Available. Call Leena on 7738903858/ 9930313131 /. 9320026830 NOW

5 Mind Blowing benefits of being A COSMETOLOGIST- Journey from Beautician to Cosmetologist

Beauty Cosmetologist
Journey from Beautician to Cosmetologist
Until a generation ago beauticians got into beauty service business as it was one of the easiest means to overcome financial hardship and not so much for the love for the profession.
Society too were not very appreciative of those who took to it as it was largely considered to be unskilled job and anybody could become beautician without much subject knowledge and training.
Today's generation is evolving and with huge almost unlimited opportunities people have started taking note of successful personalities in this industry and trying to figure out how to make a successful career themselves in this industry while earning respect and recognition as by now it is foregone conclusion that career in this industry is financially very rewarding
If one has to decode the formula of how to achieve Respect and Reward(financial) both within this industry then one would come to the conclusion that professionals would have to move from simply being beauticians to cosmetologist.
While both beautician and cosmetologist both provide beauty services to clients, however difference lies in the nature of services, quantum of services and overall approach to the service rendered right from beginning to end of service delivered.
 Nature of services provided by cosmetologist ranges from lower end of service spectrum like the grooming services to higher end where even skin problems/condition such as acne, pigmentation and signs of aging are treated. while beautician remain restricted largely to grooming services or at the most standard brand product driven services
 Quantum of service : A cosmetologist being adept with knowledge and skills across multiple discipline would offer services from head to toe which included solutions related to conditions of  skin, body, hair and nails at times some services borders those offered at medical clinics.
Approach There is huge difference in the approach between beautician and cosmetologist when it comes to analysing the clients condition/requirements and service offered. Level of treatments and overall hygiene. Precautions to ensure client safety is simply unmatched.
For a beautician to transition to cosmetologist they have to reach a stage where they would be able to get the What Why and How of beauty services.
A cosmetologist always starts with What of a situation. They would identify what exactly is condition of clients skin and for this they need to acquire relevant detailed study of anatomy and physiology of human body involving study of muscles, bones and various systems such as hormones, circulatory and digestive systems.
Cosmetologist would also know through various analysis Why clients would have been facing such conditions. For this too a cosmetologist would need to undergo detailed study of various disorders of skin, hair, nail  and body  which could be treated without medical interventions.
While the what and how part of being a cosmetologist is got to do with the knowledge acquisition  the How part of being a cosmetologist is complete with acquiring skills to treat a client condition and also the know how  of various scientific equipment and products used to treat various conditions . There is no substitute to acquiring skills then to be trained  professionally from a accredited institute of repute and clocking sufficient practical hours to imbibe those skills. Number of hours that need to be put in to acquire skills depends on the type of skills and complexity involved. Appropriately trained Cosmetologist would know what and how to use various equipment and products  appropriately to treat clients condition
Typically for someone to become to become a beautician it would take about 2-3 months of skills training . While a cosmetologist would have to invest anywhere between 12-18 months to be considered a serious professional .
The journey from being beautician to cosmetologist though would require quite a bit of unlearning and relearning . In the end it is worth its while as career is not just about what you do or would be doing in next few months or years but what would one like to achieve and be known as at the end of one's career.

Authored by Vaishali K Shah
Director LTA School of Beauty, India's largest CIDESCOschool

Wednesday, 18 July 2018

While LTA Congratulates all its students Sampada, Aparna, Mahima, Nikita, Komal & Swapna, who have won in NEWS (North, East, West and South) regionals rounds, Huge compliment should go to BWSSC for managing to put up competition in every ZONE and ensuring competition took place in a fair manner. It is by no means a small feat that our SSC is at the top. Kudos to the team BWSSC We seek the industry support to ensure our Country produces Medal Winner at World Skills to make our SSC and our country proud at World Stage. @bwsectorskill @worldskillsindia @oneindiaskills @anu_wadhwa21 @vaishalikartik #happy2share #beautytherapy @ltaschoolofbeauty @pmo__india_ @narendramodi

Tuesday, 17 July 2018

It's a CLEAN SWEEP for students of LTA School of beauty at Indiaskills regional 2018. LTA's students were victorious in all the regional rounds held in West , North , South and now East too. When Mahima Gandhi became the winner of beauty therapy skills at Bhubaneswar on 17th July 2018. She became the 6th candidate from LTA to enter into the National Finals to be held in October 2018. Perhaps only LTA Beauty Academy has the distinction of being the only institute to produce champion across all 4 regions . It's a massive reinforcement of what LTA has always stood for which is Producing high quality beauty professionals and recent victories has reaffirmed that claims . @bwsectorskill @worldskillsindia #happy2share #beautytherapy #Beauty

Monday, 16 July 2018

Lighting of LAMP Symbolises Opening of Awareness It Brings confidence and Faith.. This is what the Beauty Therapy Contestants could experience when they were given the opportunity to Open their competition - INDIA Skills Regional Round East Happening in Bhubaneswar @bwsscbwssc @oneindiaskills @dharmendrapradhanodisha @worldskillsindia #happy2share #beautytherapy #Beauty @ltaschoolofbeauty

CIBTAC EXAMINER Ms. Nichola Sackley from UK appreciated LTA Students Standard of Work. During her two days examination for Aesthetics Diploma in CIBTAC she had great insights to share LTA School of beauty has branches across India in Mumbai Pune Ahmedabad Nashik New Delhi For Courses and International exams call Leena on 7738908358 / 9930313131 / 9320026830 @nicholasackley @cibtacuk #happy2share #Beauty #beautytherapy

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LTA Announces Short Study Tour to Kerala To learn Ayurveda & Therapies in Ayurveda with Product Knowledge and Science To register call Madhushri on 9930313131

Proud LTA Student Sharing Makeup Skills Become An International MUA Makeup Artist and learn different forms of Traditional & Contemporary Makeup LTA School of beauty has branches across India and for International Diploma in Makeup Call Leena on 7738908358 / 9930313131 / 9320028630 CIDESCO Diploma is World's Highest Prestigious & Recognised Qualification in the Beauty Industry..