Tuesday, 10 May 2016

Vaishali K Shah - declares India's favorite international Beauty Academy open in DECCAN PUNE

           Deccan welcomes LTA

Much anticipated launch of INDIA'S favourite international beauty school finally took place on 10th May 2016.

' We had waited for over a year to launch our second center in PUNE as we wanted to be absolutely sure of market demand for our brand of BEAUTY EDUCATION.

Now that we are convinced of Pune being ready for the same we decided to have our 2nd center in the heart of this welcoming city' . LTA's director Ms. Vaishali K Shah quoted while declaring LTA's Deccan center OPEN !!!! 😃😃

LTA now in DECCAN - 2nd in Pune

Deccan celebrates LTA's arrival

It was celebration time for Deccan-Pune and why not after all  INDIA'S most popular international beauty school LTA announced its arrival in the heart of the Maratha city once known for its Peshwa rule.

'This is a significant moment for LTA as this symbolises the acceptance of LTA's international quality education by this largely traditional community .
LTA re-dedicates its commitment to PUNE by announcing hold its first ever CIDESCO examination in pune before the year end'
Exclaimed Ms. Vaishali K Shah, LTA's director on this launch occasion.

This is LTA's second centre in Pune and overall 9th centre in the country.

Participants present on this occasion took home souvenirs with memories of LTA

For inaugural price benefits at DECCAN please contact Kainat on 8805693131 / 9320026830

Cheers to LAUNCH of 9th LTA Center & 2nd in Pune

Today LTA announced launch of its 9th center and its second in Pune, Maharashtra.
In an event organised to mark this occasion participants from Beauty community cheered LTA for its success and gave their good wishes.

Sunday, 8 May 2016

Hair & Makeup Show 2016 - #LTA Students performing their BEST

Wednesday, 4 May 2016

CAREER in COSMETOLOGY - Opportunity to Convert Vacation time to VOCATION TIME

                   What time is it now ?

As schools and colleges have come to close, for many it is vacation time and for those who know the value of time would convert this opportunity into VOCATION TIME.
If you look at most of the successful people in the world one would realise that in their chosen field they have started working on their passion at the age of 15 or 16 years whether it is Michael Dell founder of DELL Computers or BILL GATES from Microsoft to name a few.

Success is not a stroke of luck it comes with sheer hard work and starting early gives added advantage of having more energetic and enthusiastic years with you to fulfil your dreams.
Beauty industry is one of the fastest and perhaps the most rewarding industry in today's world.
Hair Dressers
Makeup Artist
Beauty Therapist
easily earn 5 digit and with little over half a decade of experience could even earn 6 digit income per month.

Perhaps no other industry matches this kind of income in such a short time and leave alone the fact that this field is very creative, fun and happiest career as per one of the survey conducted in UK.

So if you have flair for this industry then it is the right time to convert your vacation time to VOCATION time.

For quick information on Orientation session or Career Guidance Seminar call LEENA on 7738908358 Or visit WWW.LTASCHOOLOFBEAUTY.COM

To know the magic of this industry stay connected with LTA SCHOOL OF BEAUTY- India's largest and most Preferred international beauty school having 4 branches in Mumbai & 5 outside Mumbai in Ahmedabad Pune Nashik Kakinada on its mission ENHANCING CAPABILITIES ENRICHING LIVES