My Daddy Strongest!

Ever wondered why all daughters are called “Daddy’s Lil Girl”? Father’s have a special bond with their daughters. Fathers are more excited to raise a girl child which means struggling to tie their ponytails or teaching them to cycle. For the daughters too no man can measure up to the one most influencing man in their life since childhood. Their hero, friend and guide. The Father – Daughter bond is a universal feeling. What strengthens their bond is the transparency and mutual trust they have. An inner circle which neither moms or sons can penetrate. Being a daughter’s confidante also means you are the first person who will know about all her important life decisions.

Fathers are the voice of reason and wisdom for us. While our Mothers hold the forte over the Emotional quotient in our relationship. Sometimes fathers may not be expressive and usually operate in stealth mode while allowing the mother to take the front seat. They take the mantle of the breadwinner as they have been conditioned to since medieval times.

Be it Career, Marriage or Parenting. A healthy relationship with your father will play an important role in the child’s overall development. Children with happy and supportive parents flourished academically as well as personally. Fathers play a very important role in shaping the child’s life.

At LTA we have seen right from the sacrifice of father’s to the support of the father to build their child’s career and care for their future. we have also seen how much a daughter love their father and put and efforts to prove and win their father’s dreams. Truly salute to those brave heated students of LTA School of beauty and their Hero like father’s to raising a child with dream in their eye.

Personalities like Wrestler Geeta and Babita Phogat, Tennis World Champion Steffi Graf, Actress Deepika Padukone, Ex-Prime Minister Indira Gandhi , Women’s Rights Crusader Malala Yousaf had strong pillars of support in their Father. All these great personalities had their father who stood encouraged and nurtured their daughters to follow their dreams and ambitions.
So, hug your father today, tell him how much you love him for his support and unwavering love for you or remember him in your prayers with all the warmth and love that he showered on you.

On this Father’s Day, we have a scholarship program for children who are inspired  to fulfill their parent’s dream to pursue a career in beauty.

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