Is My Beauty Parlour Ready Post Lockdown?
Hygiene is the buzzword all over the world today.There is a general awareness about how we should
follow hygiene to keep ourselves and our surroundings clean. Never has it been more relevant and crucial than now. However, life must still go on. Post lockdown let us prepare to get our life back together and keep going on. Staying strong , healthy and immune plays a major part here. Even more vital is the need for hygiene and being infection free.
Self care is important for our physical well being as well as mental health and  personal grooming is
part of that. A lot of us are waiting for the salons to open up.
The lockdown has us feeling dull and all of us need some special pampering to perk us up and looking
fresh . However the fear of infection and doubts about the salon hygiene may deter us .
How can Salon Service Providers follow hygiene and be infection free at Salons ?
The answer is Infection Control : What is Infection?
'Infection is the invasion of an organism's body tissues by disease-causing agents'  as defined by
wikipedia . It may spread from person to person.
What are the types of Infection : 
Bacterial infection - Attacks open skin wounds mostly. 
Viral infection - Includes cold, cough and fever
Fungi infection - Grows on stale and dormant things. For eg. Stagnant water, moist or warm places and surfaces
When you have a cold you simply wash your hands clean and service your client or if your client has
a cold and cough and is sneezing, they may just cover their mouth and keep their hands clean.
But chances are you could still get infection and catch cold. Hence Infection control is a Must for Salons. How? 
Infection Control Procedures :
Cleaning removes dirt,debris and potential pathogens. It is not a 100% removal but the most vital step
in infection control. Cleaning of tools and equipment is basic but critical.  For eg. manicure,
pedicure toolkits and combs etc.
Cleaning can be done by:
  • Washing with soap and water.
  • With Cleaning solvent that cleans surfaces. Available in stores.
  • Sanitizers:
a) Are handy when there is no soap and water or when travelling.
b) Reduce pathogens on non-porous surfaces. A pathogen is a tiny living organism,
such as a bacterium or virus, that makes people sick 
c) Helps Kill germs
  • Antiseptics - Are applied to skin to reduce pathogens and to treat open wounds
2.Disinfection : Kills most of the bacteria, viruses and fungi. There are a lot of disinfectants in the market.
So, how do we choose?
*Fungicides - Destroy fungi. It is used both in agriculture and to fight fungal infections in animals.
*Virucidals - A physical or chemical agent that inactivates or destroys viruses.
*Pseudomonacidal - Kills pseudomonas (bacteria) found widely in the environment,
such as in soil, water, and plants.
 Must Know Tips for keeping Salon infection free! 
Tools used in salons have to be disinfected by using appropriate disinfectants.
*Disinfectant Sprays - For hard to reach heighted places.
Spray such tricky corners with disinfecting spray.
*Antibacterial Disinfectant tablets - Easy to use. Forms antibacterial disinfectant
solution for soaking tools when dissolved in water
*Disinfecting Wipes - Can be used to wipe door handles, counters and surfaces.  Eg.   Domex 
*Disinfecting Soaking solutions - Used for cleaning equipment like combs, brushes,  spatulas etc.
3.Sterilisation - Kills germs, fungi and bacteria 100% along with their eggs.
This is extremely important and applicable to all areas.
It is important for every salon to sterilize its surfaces ,equipment , tools and furniture .
For eg. while tattooing or derma rolling treatment sterilised needles are must.
Salon Sterilisation is as essential as the way hospital sterilisation is -  a mandate and intense process.
Salon Must Have Safety Essentials :
● For the beautician - Disposable gloves, mask, face shield, daily disposable apron ,
a clean uniform everyday ,change of mask after coming inside the salon.
● For the customer - disposable shoe cover ,gloves ,cape , mask , sanitizer and a
disposable gown or a fresh changing gown which can be washed and
dipped in lukewarm water with disinfectant to reuse.
● Place a disinfectant spray on every counter.
● Every salon must have an autoclave, wet sterilizer, uv sterilizer and disposable napkins as well .
A Handy Tip : How to keep hands disinfected for a long time .
By using gloves immediately after cleaning. You can opt for vinyl gloves .
Tips For Freelance Beauty Therapists :
For beauticians who are mobile and offer home services  
  • Do carry sanitizers and disinfectant Solutions . These are available in jars on which proportions are mentioned.
  • Wipes are easy to carry. 
  • Disposable gloves, face mask and shoe covers are a must.

Trained beauticians may have undergone training in salon hygiene
however now is the time that this training has to be inculcated as a best
practice for our salons to keep it germ free and win the trust of clients .
Stay Safe and Keep your surroundings clean.
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