How to Get Your Makeup Makeover!

How to Get Your Makeup Makeover! 

Beauty is everywhere. Around us. Within us. Some of us are too busy in the daily grind to notice the
face in the mirror -  the lost colour, fine lines and eyes that say , “Forget me a lot! “
You,  more often than not end up neglecting yourself in the race of being a daughter, sister, wife,
mother and a career woman. Being naturally beautiful you should not shy from trying to look your best.
Use your me time to let your inner diva out. The one that likes to celebrate life, womanhood and beauty.
Turn up the Glam not to impress but to express.
Makeup is a tool that can be your go to aide at all occasions. Be it events, functions, festivals, family, friends, work, romance . An on day, off day , great day or worst day - your makeup is your steady standby. A trendy wardrobe, stylish hairstyle and artfully applied makeup  will have you dazzling the world. You can Look good, Feel Great and it will reflect in your behaviour and work while boosting your self esteem too.  

We live in a world where an impression about a person is made in a visual aspect in the first few 7
seconds itself . How you look is noticed by everyone around you - including You. 
Research suggests attractive people come across as happier and more competitive. Case in point - Bollywood. Our movies have spawned different types of looks and makeup trends. They are still the go to Guide for makeup enthusiasts out there. If you’re feeling inspired already,
get ready to have a self makeup makeover party! 
However , if you are a novice when it comes to makeup , chances are you will not get the
“slaying” look you saw on a model from a video or a movie  and may be disappointed .
So you have to let the experts take over because makeup done right can do wonders for your looks. And not just any beauty experts. Since you are going to be the artist of your makeup , you have to put yourself in thoroughly experienced international level beauty experts to guide you through. 
This is where LTA can help you. LTA is India’s Best International Beauty Academy .
With an experience of 20+ years you can be assured that you can learn the art of makeup from the finest. 
To make things more exciting, LTA has come up with an online Personal Makeover Course where you get to learn about  Makeup | Nail Art | Skin Care | Hair Care.

Wouldn't you love to learn 
  • Concepts of makeup , day and evening makeup
  • Nail art techniques 
  • All about good skin care ritual leading to healthy looking skin
  • All about hair care regime

Priced at only Rs3,000/-  * Early bird .
This is a great opportunity to learn about Beauty and be one yourself .

Course starts from 30th May

Click Now : or Contact - LTA 9930313131
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