The Goodness of Yoga
Yoga is synonymous with India around the world. It’s benefits have been acknowledged and experienced across the globe.  Yoga: an ideology of physicalmental, and spiritual practices started ancient India. Originated from the pre-Vedic Indian rituals. Yoga is derived from the Sanskrit root yuj "to attach, join, harness, yoke”. Hence the word Yoga means Union.
Yoga addresses the Mind, Body and Soul. Here are different types of Yogas. Raja yoga and Hatha Yoga stress on physical fitness of the body. The Gyan yoga delves into the power of knowledge while the Karma yoga is a way of life that teaches you to be selfless and do good deeds to nurture your soul. Bhakti yoga as the name suggests means being one with God and uniting with the divine. Then there is Swar yoga which is about the science of breathing and lastly Kriya yoga which is a form of meditation technique that improves your spirituality and refreshes the mind.
Yogasana as it is called helps in increased flexibility, improves respiration and vitality. It aids in weight reduction and in regulating cardio and circulatory health. So many reasons to adopt this healthy and pure way of life. The West can’t get enough of the discipline that is Yoga. Even the celebrities swear by its positive impact on their mind and body. It is time we start inculcating Yoga in our daily routine to experience positivity in our selves. Can we start small? How about Face yoga?
Face Yoga is a collection of facial exercises that enhances your face the same way as Yoga does to your mind and body . It helps in making you look younger and tones your face muscles .
On this International Yoga day 2020 we suggest you some Amazing Facial Yoga Poses to get you started :
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