That Black and White Look!
Most of us have spent the stay-at-home time doing a variety of things that we had never got the time to do before. Movie buffs got the chance to catch up on great Bollywood classics. The one thing that true fans, especially women follow is the leading lady’s outfit, accessories and her whole look elevated by flawless makeup. It is the stuff trends are made of. Wouldn’t you agree that the classical beauties of that era were a visual treat to watch. The fashion and styling was so vintage. The Black and White Era is one that is associated with Class and Elegance. Not convinced? Look around you and you will realise it has never gone out of style. Retro is very much trending and here to stay and the retro look, even more so.   
 Ever Imagined how you would look if you were Mughal e Azam’s Madhubala or Nargis from the movie Awara. You can do better than imagine and recreate the black and white look. You may get your dadi or moms saree or sharara to dress up but how will you get the mysterious aura and look of elegance?
This is where black and white makeup comes in.
 Here’s How to Slay the Black &White Look 
  • Lay the Foundation - 
  • Apply a long-lasting matte foundation, one without Sunscreen as the Spf will give your skin a shiny and unnatural effect. Choose a foundation shade lighter than your skin to achieve contrast between your skin and your features. The foundation should be applied evenly on the face and neck. Blend nicely to avoid a patchy look.
  • Eyes that Speak - 
  • Stick to softer and neutral shades as bold shades will not pop out in the B&W photo. Unless you are going for the Smokey eyes look. Keep it simple with light colours in matte. Apply a dark eyeshadow in the crease for depth. To add a dramatic effect put false eyelashes. Put a coat of Mascara to add volume and length. Fill your eyebrow with  to give it an even and bold shape.
  • Contour & Conquer - 
  • Contour to get a sculpted and defined appearance. As the colours won’t show up, you can use deep contour shades to get the desired intensity. Use a dark colour on the temple and under the cheekbone and then highlight the cheekbones.
  • Lock Your Lips - 
  • Now is when you ditch the neutral and go for the bold. Line your lips with a liner and fill in with similarly coloured matte lipstick. Go for bold and dark shades to make your lips appear fuller and striking.
 Must Know B&W Makeup Hacks: 
  1. Matte is your go- to- makeup for B&W or Vintage look
  2. Do the makeup on one side of your face and click to check 
  3. Having the correct Light and shadow will make for a stunning photo. Side lighting adds drama to the B&W look.

Go ahead and Experiment with the Black & White Makeup Look. Recreate the old and make new memories. Post your pics on your social media handle and tag ltaschoolofbeauty so we can post them on our handles. 

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