Inky Love

What is your first thought when you see someone sporting a tattoo? There are myriad reactions to it depending on what age, sphere or mentality you belong to. The young may be inspired, awestruck and curious. Even look on with a desire to have one but knowing all too well the parental fury it would bring on.
Did you know that tattoos have been around for decades since medieval ages? Then it might have been an identification mark or sported by sailors as a source of tracking information. Our history identifies tattoos as one of the sources of history derived next to stone tablets, carvings and sculptures.
The evolution of tattoos and their euphoric rise has been phenomenal. Today tattoos can be inked purely for pleasure without any particular meaning. Some tattoos are considered to be symbolic and make a statement for the one sporting it. Others like to ink pictures of whatever it is that moves them.
Couples in love most often than not end up getting matching tattoos. Taking the adage till death do us and our tattoos apart in the literal sense. To couples who want to shout out their love from the rooftop’s tattoos are the perfect way to show the world just how committed you are while demonstrating to your partner the lengths (and pain!) you are willing to go for them.
Here are the Top 5 couple tattoos that make you go aww!
1. The sign of Infinity – Less is more! For couples who want to ink a symbol that best defines their relationship. Granted, it may be common however it is a classic! Infinity means infinite – that which cannot be counted…need I say more?
2. Heart with a heartbeat – Most couples like to get finger tattoos and a design such as a heartbeat in a heart can be inked on your finger as a ring impression. A simplistic tattoo that means what is life without love?
3. Names with Sanskrit or Persian fonts – Remember David Beckham’s tattooed arm with his wife Victoria’s name in Devnagri script? Back in India we had Bollywood heartthrob Kareena Kapoor being wooed by the Charming actor Saif Ali Khan by a tattoo of her name. This is one gutsy tattoo that leaves no question about your love and your intentions.
4. Ring bands - Well! Not yet ready for the actual ring? this tattoo can do the trick and look the part beautifully. Roman numbers inscripted in the shape of a wedding band on both the partners give it a raw appeal. Spells of attitude and quite edgy. For couples who want something unconventional. Roman numeral tattoo basically describes an important date for both the partners. Their birthdates or anniversaries.
5. Love tattoos – A trifecta of 3 hearts on the wrist or on the neck. Heart in a barbed wire, heart with a semi colon or a red heart with an arrow, all of these designs have the all-encompassing heart as the message. Heart is universally meant as sign of love and perfect as a tattoo for couples wearing their heart on their sleeve or rather skin in this case.
Just remember your identical tattoos are a definition of your relationship and how you want to portray it. Your tattoos symbolize your love and your united stand. So, choose wisely!


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