Tips to Make It Big in the Beauty Industry 
1. Passion for Visual Creativity 
2. Knowledge 
3. Skills 
4. Certification 
5. Presentation 
6. Communication Skills 

 1.Passion for Visual Creativity – Ever Closed Your eyes to wonder about a rainbow? Think of it this way - A painter or a sculptor draws inspiration from the beauty around them. An artist’s soul feeds on its surrounding and what it represents. So should a beauty artist who has a flair for visually creating something beautiful and eye catching. An eye for detail and finesse. 

 2. Knowledge – Knowledge is Power. In all walks of life as is evident, a knowledgeable expert’s opinion and practice carries weightage. Rightly so when it is applied in the beauty industry. There is no limit to how much knowledge and expertise you can gain in this field. It is the only industry which is encourages you to apply your knowledge practically to create something fascinating. The beauty industry is a highly evolving field which requires one to equip themselves with information. The more you know the more skills will shine. Being a Subject Matter Expert will give you a sense of confidence and assurance to those around you. Be it any area of interest be it Hair| Makeup | Skin – a rigorous and thorough study of your forte is the key to success. 

 3. Skills – Do you have it in you? No one is born a specialist. Some skills are acquired through relentless practice and refinement over a period of time. Once you have zeroed in your particular area of expertise or interest you have to consistently outperform and make your name synonymous with that skill be it Hair, Makeup or Cosmetology. Clients raving about your skills ensures high customer reviews and goodwill. 

4. Certification - Credentials are good, Certifications, even better. It’s a validation of your skills. Clients need to have surety they are in good hands. A qualified beauty expert is proof of that. International certifications like CIDESCO from Switzerland, CIBTAC & VTCT from UK have weightage in the beauty industry and thereby turn out to be the most sought-after Certified Courses. Opting for a reputed beauty academy ensures that your training and certification will not be a farce. 

 5. Presentation – We, as humans are very visual and respond well to that which we see fit. Its all in the presentation isn’t it? You heard about first impressions being the last one. The beauty industry follows this thumb rule. Be it the beautician or his/her salon, both have to stand out as presentable. Not only is it professional to have a well-groomed look but it is also detrimental for your salon too. The workplace reflects the owner’s professionalism and importance for hygiene. Especially relevant presently as hygiene, sanitization and sterilization is enforced more emphatically than before. Look good and make your clients look good. 

6. Communication - Communication is the key to every successful venture. Considering this is a people management industry your interpersonal skills are extremely important. You may have phenomenal talent, amazing skills and a head for business, however if your people skills are not applied here then it definitely becomes an uphill task there onwards. Cultivate your communication skills, get out there and be as vocal and as charming as you can. Talk to people, more importantly listen to what they say or don’t say. Customer relationship is based entirely on what the customer thinks of you – as a person and as an organization. What would they think, if they have never known you? Never heard of you or met you. In this age of digital communication even the most introvert person can be approachable, accessible and reach out to their target audience and convert them into loyal customers. Hope these pointers will come into good use for you. With the right attitude, hard work and talent you can prove your mettle in the beauty industry. 

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