"Apna Time aa gaya - Our Time has come" -Happy Women's Day LTA's founder Director and renowned Beauty Skill Expert Ms. Vaishali k Shah on the occasion of Women's day applauded rise of women in almost every sphere of life. Speaking on this occasion she said, " Women have come a long way in asserting themselves. I feel proud that almost every glass ceiling has been shattered. Indian women not protects their family but today it's a woman who is helm of the Defense of our nation. This was unimaginable even few years ago. I strongly believe it's is the women who would drive the economy. Women is a perfect blend of - Strength - Intelligence - Creativity - Compassion With social media providing platform for anyone and everyone to voice their opinion and have a say in matters, I'm certain next decade or two would see a revolution of sort where this 49% of women population will become a dominant force in shaping the future of not only our country but also the world. 'Apna time aagya'- "Our time has Come" is what I will say to every women. Get yourself skilled and qualify to contribute directly to the productivity of our country. - Start your own Enterprise - Be a job provider. Do all those things which will have positive impact on others. So go out and express yourself freely and the world will take note of you. In case any one of you would like to make a mark in the field of beauty industry I'm more then willing to guide you further . I am just a FB post away from you. Good luck - Do Connect on facebook messenger for any further guidance https://ift.tt/2tUcAWZ We LTA is India's Largest International Beauty Academy having Branches Across India in Mumbai Pune Nashik Ahmedabad New Delhi. For any information related to Course please connect on whatsapp with Leena on 7738908358 / 9930313131 / 9320026830 WWW.LTASCHOOLOFBEAUTY.COM #happy2share #beautytherapy #beauty #cidesco #asgp #makeup @cidesco1 @bwsscbwssc #happywomensday


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