The Secret of Good Skin 

We all love healthy and glowing skin. And wouldn't we always want our face to be flawless
and smooth looking. 
But how well do you know your skin ? Let's find out!
For starters , did you know that there are 4 types of skin -
Normal, Oily , Combination and Dry . So how can you be sure which is your type ? 
Some giveaways about skin types:

Normal skin -  Your face has a single tone color. It is smooth and soft to touch.
A lucky few have normal skin (pollution) and it can be attributed to the pollution and
lifestyle normally that has us having lacklustre skin. 

Oily skin -  If you have oily skin , chances are your  face is shiny and feels sticky to touch.
Look closely for blackheads and white heads . In some cases the cheeks have big open pores.
A quick tissue test - take a tissue and dab it on your forehead, chin and nose and cheeks .
The evidence or oil residue will be plainly visible on the tissue paper.
On the upside though oily skin means your skin can look younger a little longer!
It helps delay the skin aging.

Dry skin -  This is a popular skin type. Firstly what makes your skin turn dry?
a) Lack of oil in the body and b) Lack of water intake 
The skin is not moisturized enough .
Reasons could be spending too much time in air conditioned rooms or outdoors in the
harsh climate.

Combination skin - This skin type is common in women between 30-34 years .
As the word suggests the forehead, nose and chin area is oily but the cheek area is dry.
Confused as to how to treat such skin? Simply treat the dry area as dry skin and oily
area as oily skin.

 Sensitive skin - Before you start shouting Eureka! That’s my skin type , here is a pop quiz!
Is your skin sensitive or are You sensitive ?
Sometimes you could unknowingly be sensitive to the product you are using or the reason
for your reaction could be hormonal or even an allergy.
Buying products or doing skin treatments
as per your skin type does not guarantee good results. You have to know your skin condition.
For example you could be having sensitive skin - by birth or a  poor skin care regime and an
unhealthy lifestyle. 
We are always quick to blame the products or the treatments done however we do need to
remember that on incorrect use of products the skin can react differently.
Similarly hormonal changes like Menopause, Pregnancy and during
menstruating are also one of the factors.

Mature skin - What is that? Well you be may be young in age but your skin looks old and dull with
premature fine lines.This normally occurs post 35 - Again here your skin could be reacting to
hormonal changes.
Imp TIP : Always consult your beautician regarding your skin
condition before you get any treatment.
This also applies to self skincare. Do not Experiment on hearsay!

  • Everyday 6 lac particles of our skin are shed - Dead skin cells to be precise. 
  • Annually 675 gms is the weight of the skin lost 
  • By 70 yrs of age our weight loss due to skin is 47kgs!

So , Now it is not a secret anymore! 
The Mantra to Healthy Skin is :
1. A Correct Analysis
2.Daily skin care with the right products. 
3.Professional advice/treatment whenever needed.
4.Healthy lifestyle with good nutrition, sleep and exercise.
5. Smile and Stay Happy. 

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