What is pH scale ? And what does it reveal?

pH  - What’s That ?

Most of us shy away from skincare thinking it is too time consuming or demanding .
Nothing could be further from the truth.
It is all about adopting a simple and easy way to follow skin regime to perk up your lovely skin.
Let us understand the gist of why skincare is important.
We keep hearing about products which are pH balanced and hence very effective .
How many of us know what that means?
You have wondered about this too? Well here is your answer.
pH stands for Potential Hydrogen ((measurement of acidity or alkalinity of solution or substance).
Simply put, we can measure the pH level of anything dissolved with water. 
What is pH scale ? and what does it reveal?
The pH scale rates between 1 to 14. The midpoint which is 7 is the neutral point.
Water for instance is neutral.
If the scale tilts towards the left then it is acidic if right then alkaline.

Why is it important ? Take a rin bar , can we use it on the face ?
and can we use face soap to wash hair?
NO to all because of their alkaline pH .
That is why most of the skincare products are ph balanced which is
usually 5.5 as per the pH scale.  

How do we know our skin pH? Is it tipping towards Base or Acid?
Normally all of us have skin ph between 5 and 6 .
When you wash your face with face wash and water to clean it, you disturb your face pH.
It is important to do so .
Why? We have little pores on our faces which are clearly visible,
these pores open up when we wash our face and all the dirt oozes out  .
Will you leave those pores open and exposed?
No ! so you need to apply a toner to make skin scale back to acidic .

How does a moisturizer work on different skin types :
Moisturizers are difficult to penetrate on oily skin. On dry skin it is easily absorbed
and on Normal skin it takes time as skin is already hydrated

Remember - When shopping for skin products if its molecular size is very small then it is expensive.
While products with big molecular size are considerably cheaper.
Big molecules do not get absorbed into the skin. So the next time u want to shop for skincare ,
keep all these factors in mind 

Now that we know the importance of skincare.
It is vital that we buy the right products that will work for us.
Confused about how and where to start? 

Follow the Advanced CTMP regime daily twice a day : Cleanse Tone Treat Moisturize and
Protect or CTTMP. 

Cleanse - Use face wash, Opt for a creamy face wash for dry skin but if your skin is oily
use gel based face wash. Get a good quality brand .

Tone - Once clean use a toner to close the open or tighten the pores.
Astringent may be harsh for some skin so toner like rose water is recommended. 

Treat - Pigmentation , acne , dehydrated skin requires special treatment.
A serum is recommended here as its concentrated form with minute molecules.
Take serum on fingertips and then apply onto skin. 

Moisturizer - Do not scoop directly with your hands.
Use spatula and apply outwardly with gentle strokes.
Oily skin moisturizer should be water based.
Dry skin moisturizer can be cream based. Lack of moisturizing creates fine lines.
Take a pea sized amount please.

Protect -  Protection against sun is absolutely must .
SPF 30 can be applied 30 minutes before going outdoors and keep reapplying
after 2 hours if you are still out. 
For oily skin use gel based sunscreen and cream based for dry skin.
For children playing outdoors or into outdoor sports activity SPF 50 also can be applied . 

Hope you have a great time pampering your skin! 

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