"When in doubt choose Beauty Skills for fast career" Few Board Exam results have been declared & few are round the corner and there are vast majority of students who would choose their higher education stream basis their marks scored. Sadly choosing their course of studies keeping their future career in mind is not part of their plan. My advice to all parents and students would be to first decide on career path and then take appropriate action that would lead them to success in their career. One of the fastest growing industry and the one generating tremendous growth opportunity is beauty industry. Young professionals in beauty industry are earning income in just 5-6 years what their parents would have earned in 30 years. There are many examples to prove this point. If case you are in search of a career that could help you live a dream life then do visit our centre and meet our experts who could guide you besides meeting our happy students who are successful even while they are still undergoing their course. Remember even a day lost in taking action towards your goal achievement would cost you in thousands today and in lacs of lost opportunity of tomorrow .We would be more than happy to give you complimentary trial session for you to try your hands on new skills which could become your new passion . Connect on whatsapp – please message ‘Yes Interested” on 9930313131 / 9320026830 Visit http://bit.ly/2iQdM6c Connect on FB to see our students amazing work and success stories. LTA SCHOOL OF BEAUTY is considered to be a World Champion Academy and leading school in India for international qualification from CIDESCO (Switzerland) and VTCT (UK)


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