A Friend is the one who brings out the BEST IN YOU - Be that one - Happy friendship day everyone! It's easy to have many friends these days. With the advent of social media and networking, we claim to have a wide circle of friends. But let's ask ourselves - how many of these 'friend's' actually care about us? How many of them would help you to fast track your career instead of their own? How many of them would direct you to the best international beauty academy in the country so you can shine brighter than others? Well, it's time to chose the right friend. Calling all ex-LTAians! Bring along a friend, who you know will succeed in this field. And for those BFFs out there - come and visit us at any one of our schools in the country or Whatsapp us on 9930313131 to find out more. Let's show the world what true friendship is all about!


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