Born to Lead !! Great leaders don’t tell you what to do, they show you how it’s done! One such charismatic example was Chhatrapati Shivaji Maharaj, who’s birth anniversary we celebrate today. He is known around the world for his bravery, courage and vision. A true leader is a visionary who works towards enhancing the welfare of the people that matter to him/her. LTA School of Beauty - is a leader in high quality beauty education in India. It has become a guiding light for thousands of students who aspire to be first class hair and beauty professionals. Our 100% placement track record is a matter of great pride for us with LTA students bagging top jobs with high incomes, that double in 3-4 years. LTA has taken the lead in producing Skilled Champions for India. Since 2013, our candidates have been trained and represented at World Skills competitions in Germany (2013), Brazil (2015), Abu Dhabi (2017). We’re enthusiastically awaiting the upcoming event in Russia this year. So come join us now and write your own success story! For more details, visit us at our nearest LTA center or log onto WWW.LTASCHOOLOFBEAUTY.COM or connect with us on WhatsApp on 7738908358/ 9930313131/ 9320026830 #happy2share #shivajimaharaj #beauty #makeup #hairdressing


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