LTA School of Beauty's Salon Graduate Programme - The Surest Path to Success

Salon Graduate Programme - SGP LTA School of Beauty 

LTA was established in 2005  with a mission to provide skilled beauty professional to meet the growing demand of the sunrise industry. Today LTA has grown to become India largest beauty care training organization in India. Having clocked over 44,000 man days and 270,000 man hours of training in single year.

LTA with a strong vision to bring world class beauty education program in India . Its mission is to produce largest number of well trained professional who would not only command a place for themselves in the industry but also raise the overall standard of the Industry.

Towards achieving this objective LTA has set up a modern training facility and have an impressive team of highly skilled and trained professional who are motivated to deliver their best at any given point in time.
LTA – School of Beauty a training school from the house of clarion cosmetics has been setup with  a philosophy of enhancing capabilities and enriching lives.

LTA – School of Beauty offers  European standard  of  education program in India through its  association  with worldwide   authority on  Cosmetology  namely  CIDESCO (Zurich based body defining standard in aesthetics) , LTA  School of beauty  is easily  among the best in the industry. 

Among the other highlights , LTA is perhaps the only beauty school in India to send students overseas for training and international market exposure. LTA students could also avail of education loan to be paid back after they have completed their education. LTA provides job assistance to successful  candidates. Its key program - "The Salon Graduate Programme" it covers the industries most sought for 7 beauty skills namely-Beauty therapy, Hand & Feet care, Body Treatment, SPA Therapy, Hair Dressing, Makeup, Nail Enhancement -Art & Extension. This program is regarded as "THE SUREST PATH TO SUCCESS"

At LTA  absolute fresher  students could within a span of 8-12 months start their career which could beat even the most known established career. With a salary range from 10,000 – 15,000 per month this could easily be the best example of hobby and profession at its rewarding best.    

LTA in association with various educational institution offers training program on modern day requirement corporate requirement of having a well groomed employee  as the adage goes “ Your company is known by the employee you keep” . More and more organization prefers to have employees who are not only well groomed but understand the social and business etiquettes.

LTA prepares its students to compete with contestants worldwide at World skills competition.


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