Why beauty career is right for teenagers!!


Teenage is always the right age to decide on choice of career. When I mention teen it is in fact not 18+ when most of them start thinking of what to do, I  meant 13 years of age. Yes that’s right!! Once inclination or orientation should be clear or discovered right at the age of 13-14 .It would save great deal of anxiety later as one approach 16years.

Most of parents/teenagers follow a certain mentality ,i.e if once you secure distinction one should take science a little below i.e first class we need to go for commerce side and anything below that should take Arts or any other discipline. Most of them do not know what to do next. They postpone their decision of career choice until graduation is over. I would like to mention  here that majority of them fail to map core personality triads/competencies  of an individual with the discipline they choose to graduate from.

How to choose career:

While choosing career following should be considered

  • What Industry /Sector one should be joining
  • What functional role would one want to play at the starting stage of career and where would one like to see oneself after 10-15 years in the same industry

Industry growth
Choice of industry  should be determined by the current industry(sector) growth rate as well as its potential to grow in the next 15-20 years. Goes without saying that higher the growth of that sector/industry higher would be ones remuneration.

Here beauty industry score way above most of the industry with a phenomenal 20-40 percent growth depending  on which spectrum of beauty industry is being considered whether it is beauty cosmetic products we are referring to or beauty and wellness service industry. Only other industry which has higher growth rate is healthcare .

Having witnessed  the phenomenal growth story of beauty sector in the last decade which had largely been unorganized growth, coming decade would see explosion of organized player in this industry bringing in international expertise(know how) namely  products , technologies , services, training and marketing insights.

This also means that if one decides to take a plunge into this beauty industry it does not mean one would remain only a hairdresser, makeup artist or a beauty therapist(where emphasis is more on skill).  It means there are plethora of functional role one could take up  as in any other sector like marketing, administration, training, franchise management, supply chain management, product consultant, product or service research  etc. It is just a matter of time when we would see diplomas degrees and management program revolving round beauty to build expertise as mentioned above.

I have no doubt when I state that beauty industry would do to our country what IT industry has done till date. Contribute largely to GDP of our country and even better build many entrepreneurs.

Thus beauty industry would empower many more lives than one could ever imagine.

I would like to end my article on a note that as long as human being stays in a civilized society and Beauty industry is bound to grow. Write your future today.

Welcome to a beautiful career!!!.


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